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  1. J


    using our biggest pasture right now it had 4 reservoirs all dry. One big one that fenced off for 3 pastures that has water. Been hauling water from a solar well in next pasture that we used first. been hauling since 1st of june. There is a spring back in one corner we call it the Prostrate...
  2. J

    Moving from grain finishing to grass-fed

    grew up eating one of those open heifers, off of grass and dry ewes for summer meat for the hay crew. (most never knew they were easting mutton ). Well FFA and a grain finished steer , that Dad bought back, Our kids in 4-H and FFA , fed extra animals . like my lamb fattened on corn , over oats...
  3. J

    Question on fertilizing hay meadows

    before we moved we spread inoculated Alsike clover either on late un melted snow snow or early spring just as green up . During the winter we feed heaver where wee needed fertilizer . these were high mountain meadows. Here we have spread inoculated Alsike clover on hay patches next to the...
  4. J

    Cowboy Hat Or Baseball Cap?

    wore a baseball cap for years , nice felt hat to town. But ears get sunburn and itch , so it a felt hat ot=r straw hat most the time. Wool cap... Stormy Kromer in the winter . Have a old thin felt Stetson of my grand father that probally over 60 years old I wear a lot.
  5. J

    couple land marks, i

    we moved here from a Mountain Valley in Western Wyoming into Idaho (Star Valley) 4 years ago , less snow and not the week or two of Temp inversions. We 2/3 timbered, that was a learning experience coming from fir trees to ponderosa we did abort a few heifers with pine needles . It is more...
  6. J

    Deciding where to buy land to start

    I have a Cousin that is a Ranch appraiser work the western United States. He told me stay away from NM . Said the northern part the families have been there 400 years. They don't like outsiders. the Sothern part , well ranches close to the border look like good deals, but they have there...
  7. J

    couple land marks, i

    and Missouri Buttes on the left
  8. J

    A first one I seen in the wild

    A first for me , coyotes howling , quick trip with spot light and truck and other then deer . we saw a lion. Sue locked the sheep into a a couple tight pens , from the large big one . Made sure holes were tight so the guard dog has to stay and not chase coyotes and scare deer off. We got...
  9. J

    What's the weather like at your place?

    sunny warm days , 30s to 50s , ice in the reservoirs and no bottom under the water , so hauling water to winter pasture. cows want cake instead of tubs. but the tubs are scattered
  10. J

    Rib or hip brand ?

    Use My great grand fathers backward B over a bar, on the bulls and steers , use a quarter circle over II on cows and heifers , should waddle out the forehead with this brand , just can't bring myself to do the skinning , Daughter and SIL uses my Dads brand , a U with a barr off the top left...
  11. J

    couple land marks, i

    Cabin Creek , Carlile just a little south west of the tower. , house is around 8 miles as the crow fly's, pictures off the front porch
  12. J

    couple land marks, i

    we bought two ranch here side by side , this in on top of the east pasture on the Hutchington place. maybe a few of you might figure out where we moved 3 1/2 years ago. f anybody can figure
  13. J


    stop by when you swing over to the sandhills and see Soapweed
  14. J


    not that day , that was new years day
  15. J


    MORE LAMB CHOPS ON A WINTER PICNIC https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=2651278131617774&set=pb.100002068387919.-2207520000..
  16. J

    Putting down an old mare, or thinking about it.

    Went to bury a horse one time, got there he was still alive, I put him down , But I cut his tail off and took it up to the cemetery and put in under my son's headstone. He had hung on it while we were on a pack trip in the high country. the trail was so steep it was easer to walk .
  17. J

    Putting down an old mare, or thinking about it.

  18. J

    grandpa babysitting

  19. J

    283 days ago....

    we ultra-sounded Saturday... Doc didn't spot the early April escape.
  20. J

    Hey, Soap!

    don't own the minerals but get a better payment on two pump jack on the edge of my property.... well it helps cover Christmas