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    Ideas on long term handover of operation

    I would recommend talking with a good estate planner/tax attorney there are ways to do it to prevent taxes killing you when something happens to your Grandparents or your parents. Pre-planning is the smart thing to do for sure. We started working with a tax attorney 10 years ago and slowly but...
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    Tru-Test XR5000 Help

    We have purchased the XR500 have found it works great chute side, the problem I am having is getting the information off the scale into a spreadsheet. Anyone have any experience tips to help. We use AIMS cattle management software and getting the information into AIMS is another can of worms...
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    A few photo's from this morning 8/5/15

    The hubby went to check things at the farm this morning trying to beat the rain, he sent me these photos from his cell phone. God was sure painting some pretty pictures this morning! I think his side kick Gabby like the rainbow. Have a blessed day. gizmom
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    Wet Distillers Grain

    We have been using it for several years, we also get it free but have to supply the containers then pick them up once a week. We sent a sample for testing to Auburn I would be happy to share the information if I can find it. We like it have had no issues with any sick cattle. With our heat...
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    Sparky had a close call, July 19, 2015

    Read this last night, I am so happy that although you received an injury it wasn't any worse. Praying for a fast and full recovery. Also sending up so prayers thanking the good Lord that the children weren't in the room. You have been truly blessed. I bet that sucker is sore today. gizmom
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    I wish we could send some to you guys that need it. We have had 8 to 10 inches in the past 10 days. It is a swamp here in northwest Florida. Gizmom
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    One Day In A Small Montana Town

    Had to share that one! Gizmom
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    Tagging System for Purebreds

    Our registered herd get the year then the order of birth. First calf of 2013 is 1301 first commercial calf is A01. We also put sire number on top and dam on bottom with calf number in center. Another thing we do is registered calves get a green tag commercial get a white tag. Makes it easier...
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    what to feed the fall works crew

    Taco soup it's easy and really good, you can multiply the recipe as many times as needed depending on your numbers. 1 pound hamburger meat 1 package taco seasoning mix One package ranch dressing mix 1 can rotel tomatoes 1 can diced tomatoes 1 can kidney beans 1 can black beans 1 can pinto beans...
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    Donate a cow?

    I found this information on the NCBA website! for anyone that want to donate. I have been asking people if they have heard about the blizzard the reply is usually yea I heard it was a bad storm (on the weather channel) no one had heard about the devastating losses for ranchers in the path of...
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    S A V Final Answer vs. Juneau 807J

    Well I had the day right but the date wrong, The flush was done today. We got 32 eggs out of the 065/0035 mating and 18 eggs out of the A47/807J mating. So needless to say we felt we had a very good flush. Gizmom
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    S A V Final Answer vs. Juneau 807J

    Well the deed is done we bred the 065 cow to FA and the A47 cow to Juneau. Dr. Hinshaw will be here on the 19th to do the flush. Gizmom
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    S A V Final Answer vs. Juneau 807J

    Oldblood Thanks for the input that is the kind of information I am looking for, I know FA has alot of sons working but haven't seen or heard much about his daughters. I am looking for longivity and easy fleshing both bulls seem to have this but I also want to keep daughters working in the...
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    S A V Final Answer vs. Juneau 807J

    I sure understand where your coming from. That is why I rarely use a young bull from and AI stud I use the wait and see approach. I have seen a number of FA bulls that I have liked, but the proof is in how the daughters work, and it takes years to really know the answer to that. I sure did...
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    S A V Final Answer vs. Juneau 807J

    Both have really good dispositions the Lucy's boy is really quiet which suprises me because Lucy's Boys usually have a little fire in them. The A47 cow is also pretty tame but did show some agressive behavior right after calving, but settled down after a week or so. That doesn't bother me as...
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    S A V Final Answer vs. Juneau 807J

    Thanks for the input, we are getting ready to flush two 13 year old cows and those are the two bulls we are considering. We flushed both cows in December and they produced a total of 32 usable eggs. One cow 065 is a Lucy's Boy reg# 13847351 the other A47 is an 8180 x EXT reg #13756009. We are...
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    S A V Final Answer vs. Juneau 807J

    Anyone have experience with these two bulls and if so pros and cons. Thanks in advance Gizmom
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    Well I took the day off since it is my birthday and it was beautiful out low 70's sun shining could't have been a nicer day. I sprayed cogan grass all day so productive as well. Tonight my youngest son and his wife are coming over and fixing me dinner while I get to play with my twin...
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    It sure looks like spring is early here I am spraying Cogan grass tomorrow. Clover is blooming and so are the dogwoods. I think were still gonna get another cod snap because the pecan trees are not budding yet and you just can't fool a pecan tree. I sure am enjoying this pretty weather my...
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    Next HOT breed

    I just want to breed good cattle, we have purebred and commercial the main thing is are they worth keeping or not. All of us are trying to raise the best animal we can that meets the needs of our individual operation as well as the needs of our customer. I Gizmom