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    Army in Worst Recruiting Slump in Decades

    Army in Worst Recruiting Slump in Decades By ROBERT BURNS, AP Military WriterFri Sep 30,10:57 AM ET The Army is closing the books on one of the leanest recruiting years since it became an all-volunteer service three decades ago, missing its enlistment target by the largest margin since 1979...
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    Article on early detection of BSE

    Live-Animal Test for BSE? A US lab and a Canadian company both claim new live-animal assay for prion disorder By Doug Payne Getty Images/Handout The discovery of even a single case of mad cow disease can be economically devastating. Since May 2003, three cases of the prion disease have been...
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    Taylor Behl and blogs

    Do you think there are more wierdos than there were when I was in college back 35 years ago? Reading the blogs about Taylor Behl (VCU freshman)'s disappearance the 38 year old she hung out with, I'm wondering if there are more wierdos because of the the Internet, because of media influence...
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    R-CALF: State Attorneys General File Amici Curiae Brief

    R-CALF: State Attorneys General File Amici Curiae Brief to Support Rehearing (Billings, Mont.) – The attorneys general of six states – Connecticut, West Virginia, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana – have jointly filed an amici curiae, or friend-of-the-court brief, in the 9th...
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    Haven't any of you figured out

    Why there are only about 5 people who post here regularly? So far there are few threads with pleasant factual debates. The rest are dominated by some fringe polarizing posts. Everytime a decent thread starts up, it gets hijacked by the fringe.
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    I discovered this young artist in Canada. No cows but lovely outdoors paintings. I just bought 2 from her. The other is a small beach.
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    Grizzly attack in Yellowstone

    2 Hikers Attacked by Yellowstone Grizzly 40 minutes ago A grizzly bear attacked two hikers in Yellowstone National Park, but the men escaped serious injury, the National Park Service said Thursday. Pat McDonald, 52, of Bismarck, N.D., and Gerald Holzer, 51, of Northfield, Minn., were hiking...
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    more bling bling

    Jersey Lily - This is R2 under a nom de plume. Bought another bling bling belt - sparkly bejeweled (blues and pinks) buckle. They are all the rage, really. Animal print, rhinestones, and Western wear this year... And wierd wedge shoes that I would not touch.
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    New testing methods

    Slow Evolution for Protein Detection, Characterization Old tools will likely remain a mainstay for the foreseeable future, but new approaches aim to get data faster, reproducibly, and with smaller samples Lori Valigra Valigra is a freelance writer based in Cambridge, Mass. A Texas cow whose...