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    Jiggs Salebill

    Thought you guys would be interested in this. Pretty amazing if you ask me!! http://www.thummelauction.com/apr0417.htm
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    Sugar Beets for feed

    We are getting a bunch of rotten sugar beets. Guess they didn't get them protected well enough, and froze LOTS of them. They are using an asphalt milling machine, to chunk them up. Right now we are piling them in a concrete bunker. Plan is, is to mix 4 to 1 of beets to Triticale. Pile it and...
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    What we need to fight

    Watch this and tell me it doesn't get your blood pumping!! https://www.facebook.com/MarchAgainstMonstanto/videos/1146216855396833/
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    Ralgro and bulls?

    The other day I helped a neighbor process 400 calves. He is saving about 15 head of bulls he bought that weigh around 700 now. Anyway, he implanted all of them with Ralgro. Your thoughts? I was always told not to implant anything that you plan to breed?
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    Its Official

    As of nest weekend I will be a Kansan again. Really wasn't my first choice, but the opportunity to buy property just isn't available to us in Nebraska or South Dakota. I have lived in 4 states and each one has had some wonderful memories. I love the Sandhills, but I see NO WAY to buy ground...
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    Finally a decent Topography shot

    I have been trying for year to show you guys and gals what I deal with here on the river. Think I managed to do so by accident. Some where down there are 250 pairs, and in among them, and hiding in the Cedar trees, Plum thickets, Chockecherries and swamps, there is a cow that lost her...
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    Expensive HOUND!!!

    Way back in early January we went on a little hog hunting adventure. Gone for 4 days and left the dogs out in the critter pens. (My female isn't so nice towards most people), and Lisa's Dad and Stepmom were going to do chores for us. We get home, and Dude, Lisa's 2 year old Hanging Tree/Border...
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    Any of your critters do this?

    https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153116854314757&set=vb.350866824756&type=2&theater I had a horse that could open the gates but nothing like these.
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    Old Picture

    I was going through a bag of old pictures, and found this. It was taken in May of 1984, I am sure branding day. My Granddads calves. Pinzgauer-Simmy influenced bulls on top of black baldy calves. To my recollection, Grandpa never once sold calves through the salebarn. Calved in February, sold...
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    2012 Dodge ?

    Any of you run a 6.7 Cummins with the EGR delete on it, and if so what programmer are you using? Trying to get the same mileage out of this one, that I was getting out of my 06. This one has a LONG ways to go, but it sure rides and drives nice.
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    Even with the weather as nasty as what we have had, I still got the biggest whitetail I have ever shot!!!
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    Springfield Colorado

    Is there anyone on here from that area?
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    Doctoring one

    I moved cows the other day, and had a cow that needed a shot. Had a pair of 16 year old twin boys helping. They are both well over 6 foot tall, and think they are bullet proof. Told Jayden that I was going to rope a cow, and I wanted him to hold her down, while Lisa gave her a shot. For once...
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    Favorite Horses

    It fun to see all the pictures of different ranches, especially the horses. What really tickles me is how the favorite horse is used by everyone. Take for example Soapweed's Yellowstone. Whenever Soaps outfit is in a place where they need to get something done, you see a picture of Yellowstone...
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    Did you go on your vacation yet? Haven't seen any pictures.
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    Ask your daughter if she, or you would post her blog titled "Just Move it"here. I think that is one of the best analogies I have ever read.
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    June 29

    Lisa has been giving beginning handgun classes for women. Last weekend she hosted a concealed carry class here, and we had some locals turn out. Soap may want to be cautious around home now.
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    Another Land grab?

    This time its getting pretty close to home. http://21stcenturywire.com/2014/06/25/feds-threatening-third-wounded-knee-with-eminent-domain-land-grab-on-sioux-indian-reservation/
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    June 24

    I or should say we moved 2 bunches of cows. Had some pretty good help. Tators and Squeek Dude, the year old pup out of them. Lisa and her 4 year old. He came from Soapweed's neighbor, and I think he has 47 rides. Jessie, my 9 year old granddaughter, and Quest. He is about 20, I hate...
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    Proud of my granddaughter

    Took my 9 year old granddaughter out to Pueblo Colorado over the weekend. Got the clay thrower, and her 410 out. This was her second time shooting a shot gun, and first time shooting at a moving target. After Lisa coached her a couple times, and a new recoil pad, she was hitting birds pretty...