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    Shout out to the Ranchers on Ranchers.net

    Gcreek and I spent an enjoyable day yesterday visiting and looking at bovines and things. Having met Gcreek as a result of this forum and the many characters who spend time here, and becoming more than internet friends with many of you, it seems appropriate to thank the core group of you who...
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    Calf catcher

    Soapweed or others, I am not sure of the key words that take me to the many post of calf safety cages that attach to quads. My son wants to build one to attach to a ranger to keep him and his mother safe. I like the challenge.
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    Coffee shop that quietly supports our industry

    A person or business should be judged by their actions. With that in mind my son and I were working at our ranch near Longview Alberta and stopped for lunch at the hotel. For a change be both had "clubhouse sandwiches". I usually don't eat a clubhouse because I like to support the beef industry...
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    Bundy Ranch

    I know there is a big thread over at Political Bull on the BLM/Bundy/Turtle situation in Nevada. I occurs to me though that unless we get engaged as ranchers in these conversations at the table or ranch gate outside of the political page we will end up in a world of hurt. So at the risk of a...
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    What to avoid in a one ton truck

    I need to upgrade a bit in my one ton for pulling a trailer mostly. I would like to know what makes and models to avoid. ie. 6 litre vs 6.4 or what years of duramax or cummins are good or bad. I don't need a new truck but would like to get into the 21st century. I would consider both gas and diesel.
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    A postcard or two from the north.

    Eastwind reminded me I haven't been here much lately. How do we get so busy. Anyway a few photo's from a cow checking trip today for your pleasure. It has been a fantastic production year balancing off a few less stellar months of remediation for some friends and relatives that live rather too...
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    How about a road trip on Saturday? Red Deer at noon for lunch with BMR. 8) 8)
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    Part 3 the Queens undulates.

    Up here the crown owns the wildlife, we do however get to look after them.
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    few days part two

    Of coarse all play and no work doesn't pay the bills. Life of the young end of our herd. Day 3 of supplemental feed. Heading west to check of the old girls. They're in a pretty big field but the one's we saw looked great. They must all be over the hill.
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    Life over the last few days.

    I know most of you love the ranching life and all that it provides us. Behind the scenes though are plenty of folks who participate in the interesting world of Cowboy Politics. These folks are what insulate us from some of the ridiculous things that politicians think up. My hats off to the folks...
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    No place like home.

    We have looked at ranching opportunities all around the world and many are certainly attractive but we're not likely to leave here because it has everything I need and there is no place like home. Looking toward our place overlooking the OH Ranch. Looking back. Down to the business of...
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    Christmas pics

    Grand daughter and grand niece. Had to hand them off because I put them to sleep. A little Christmas hockey. -20 too cold for me but I notice only one of the four even has a heavy coat on. Oh to be young. Golf coarse is rather quiet. Goodnight.
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    A few pics, photobucket sure not friendly

    One from checking the cows today. Christmas light going up on office. My dad visiting with my granddaughter. Pied Piper method of rounding up calves. Cool mailbox. Was at a two day meeting and my truck took on a snowy blanket.
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    Pictures are more fun than duty

    New shoes. Frosty but fairly warm the last few days. Heading west to fix the ramp up to the chute so the trucks can easily get into place. Banked grass ready for Monday's move. Someone working and someone photographing. Rain making snow disapear. A fence that might require H's...
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    Take off eh! Airline safety briefing.

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    Oct 20 first half of the day.

    Off to check on my "city" cattle. First snow is coming down as I write which will surely cause one of our city friends to leave the road giving these hfs a chance to try out the golf course or take a stroll in town. We seldom have a year when someone doesn't wipe out some fence. Then we headed...
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    Buncher for Coyote

    We have used the gamut of bunchers over the years here but have gone to the very simple Jones Buncher for the last few years. It is just a simple fork that hinged with weights on the front. As the straw and chaff land on it the weight brings it down and the stubble sweeps it clear to start all...
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    eclectic group of photo's from Dec to Sept

    Found a memory card that never was downloaded. A reminder of things to come. Ha ha, sorry about that. This tractor was bought new by this gentleman and delivered to this siding in the early 50's. The tractor won it's division in the July one pull. We had the big brother to this tractor in...
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    Photo's from the last few days

    For all you hunters, my passenger Eastwind enjoyed checking out these big boys. Checking the cows with Eastwind. I appreciate his cows sense and we spent the last few days checking and moving a few cows as well as hauling bales. A couple of heifers at the farm for your viewing pleasure.
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    Green for MYT

    Due to respect for all you who have drought I have hesitated to post too many pictures from our place. But seeing as Myt asked I thought an exception would be OK. Actually if the truth were to be told I have been pretty busy and became a bit of a lurker. The grass here has been blessed with...