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    Can you sense the tied has turned?

    Faster, From all I've seen here, I believe you to be a kind and warm hearted lady. I would normally completely agree that suicide is almost always tragic. But I'm afraid if you understood the depth of evil this man was complicit in, even you might not feel that way. They planned the...
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    Was This On The News?

    This is why the internet needs regulated, to remain fair and open of course.
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    Should we email 0T a copy?

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    Those lying sacs of crap

    They say that the major components of a kids behavior are set by age 5. What do you want to bet he was a weasle by that point as well?
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    Bloomberg Denied 2nd Pizza Slice - Ha!

    I just threw a rock in the badger's hole to see if she was there, from the sound of the crazed growl, I'd say she is. Someday, I hope you can deal with all that hate. It's not good for a person, bless your heart. By the way, the daily currant IS satire, they nor I fell for anything. Can't...
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    Bloomberg Denied 2nd Pizza Slice - Ha!

    Of all the things posted over the last week or so, this is what you poke your head up and out of hiding to defend? :lol:
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    Quotes By Margaret Sanger

    I don't know, seems like many have a good work ethic and become successful without need for support. But maybe that fear is always there. But I would think that if any people were skeptical of abusive governments, it would be them. I tend to think alot of it is the way the left...
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    Quotes By Margaret Sanger

    Heard the other day that 80% of all US millionaires are 1st generation..... hmmm.... maybe it isn't about purifying the human race as much as it is eliminating the competition. Probably sucks to try to stay ahead on your own merit when you've grown up a trust baby with others doing for you...
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    Quotes By Margaret Sanger

    I would say that I don't understand that decision either, but it seems that there is some history there as well. Like many of our other fellow American citizens, and ex-posters who just want a king and don't mind giving up a few rights and the best that the land has to offer. Doesn't he have...
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    Buckwheat's Red Line Has Faded

    This seems to be pretty much in character, hasn't he always been a proponent of helping women erase those pesky light pink lines?
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    Quotes By Margaret Sanger

    It is crazy how the Jews are always mentioned by the progressives. Seems almost Biblical or something....
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    NYT: Obamacare Chaos - NYT??????

    Depends, is it free auto insurance? :D
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    Global Warming is forcing women into prostitution

    :lol: You just need a tape recorder really.
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    Obama Threatens Benghazi Whisteblowers?

    As soon as a real crack shows in this administration, the whole ship is going to go down like the Titanic. Once one of theses scandals can break through the slime protecting Zero, and he shows weakness, people from Fast and Furious to Benghazi to voter fraud to the Hawaii hospital are going...
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    NYT: Obamacare Chaos - NYT??????

    They did create one to protect physicians... it's called planned parent hood, where you can kill and maim and not be held responsible. I think Obama care has several provisions as well, like the re-hospitalization provisions and the decline of care to the elderly. I can't wait to see how...
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    Wonder why someone would bug out so quick, if they were innocent of wrong doing? :???: hmmmm Probably just some new business adventure. :wink:
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    False accusations are a staple of wartime propaganda, expert

    Have you learned nothing over the last few days here? Your facts are interfering with the projected dialog. Wonder what McCarthy had on the media back then?
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    While Rome burns the Obama's party

    How many weeks of White House tours?
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    Maybe they should have read it BEFORE PASSING IT

    Ain't no body got time for that. Who has 2 days and 2 lawyers to find out what it means after you read it?
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    It may be an oldie, but it is a goodie!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNZczIgVXjg I hadn't seen this. This must have happened back when I didn't have time to read a stop sign, much less a news paper. This explains a lot of legislation. Even if you've seen it before, it should probably be remembered every couple of years...