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    I haven't taken pictures like I used to for a good while now. A lot of the grandson Thumper, and he's growing so fast!
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    I have been super busy with my furniture painting business along with the grand baby. Barrel raced along with my daughter last season....just living life to the fullest. Mr Lilly is retired now...so we go do see pretty much when we want.
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    We are wintering great other than its super super wet. Which is way better than dry .... We aren't gonna keep her....just let her raise the calf up to weaning. I don't want to have to keep her penned up for 6 months. That's why I was asking how long to leave the stitches in. It was sewed with...
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    Long time no see. Hope this finds you all well. I have a question, cow prolapse while having calf.....got it back in and stitched closed. Wasn't uterus just a volleyball size prolapse. My question is...how long do you leave the stitches in? Got her penned and calf with her.
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    Photo contest is back starting this week!

    My furniture painting business and Thumper are keeping me really busy...not to mention all the other things we find to keep us busy. I facebook alot...only because I got me an iphone. Love that lil handy dandy contraption. I will try to participate here as well. :D
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    Photo contest is back starting this week!

    Thanks for taking on the task Chicks2Hunt.....I enjoyed it for a long time. Hope you have as much fun as I did doing it. Just a little heads up. I always posted 10 things in the poll even tho sometimes we didn't have 10. If you don't from the get go.....say you had 3 photos....and you only...
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    Pigs - Contest

    No thanks needed y'all I have enjoyed doing it.
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    Pigs - Contest

    I can't seem to delete the poll. I've tried and can't get it to change. Thanks Faster horses. And to all of you ranchers...I have really enjoyed posting the photo contest the last 5 years. I just seem to be super busy these days with the grandbaby as well as my furniture business. I don't feel...
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    Pigs - Contest

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    Sleeping Animal - Contest

    1. jodywy 2. caljane 3. Clarencen 4. cowwrangler 5. Lilly 6. pups n bucks
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    Parade - Contest

    Big Muddy Rancher was the entry for this week...I proclaim him the Winner!!!!
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    Parade - Contest

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    Winner - Beautiful Things

    Congratulations Caljane Lovely shot.
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    Beautiful Thing - Contest

    1. MsSage 2. Caljane
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    Winner - Colorful Animal

    This one was mine.....my pretty rooster. :) Thanks for the votes.
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    Pulling - Contest

    I don't know where the #2 photo is or why it won't show up. It was there when I posted the contest. ???
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    Winner - Pulling

    Congrats to Clarencen....very nice photo.
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    Colorful Animal - Contest

    1. Cowwrangler 2. Lilly
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    Thumper update.....

    LOL yeap....your cut on the diagonal....;) Lil Lilly just doesn't know how lucky she is to have such a happy lil guy. One that sleeps all night long....etc. But...since she doesn't know any different...maybe that means I might get another grandbaby in the future .... :nod:
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    Thumper update.....

    The lil fella ain't stayin little long. He's growin so fast. And so much fun. He keeps me pretty busy most mornings.....But he's a good sleeper...and by the picture you can tell he's a good eater....when it comes to meal time....he's very serious. Ya don't mess around gettin his food to him...