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    Dem Lawmaker To Trial For Bribery

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    Record crowd

    Mike, while I usually agree with you COOL and other good issues, I find this response highly racist and you should be ashamed of yourself.
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    Obama....The Magic Negro

    What about the 2/3 of American corporations that don't pay income taxes? Why criticize american people that don't pay taxes when the same can be said for corporate America with their offshore holdings and overseas money laundering. If those corporations paid taxes, you and I would NOT have to...
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    Behind the "Obama is a Muslim" Campaign

    THE POINT IS: Fox News is a sham and reports unfounded lies in its efforts to promote their biased point of view. CASE CLOSED
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    Packers or USDA?

    Excuse me, but aren't they one and the same? :lol:
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    Palin Rumors

    Good job!!! :D Now you know EXACTLY how democrats have fared the last two elections with Bush leading incredibly stupid attacks on every little thing. For example, no Repub has a problem with John McCain marrying a woman of great wealth. BUT, it certainly was a problem for John Kerry...
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    Americans fighting through the damage

    Some of you will find this hilarious. Some of you will criticize it and consider it hateful. Why not watch it and see. http://www.theonion.com/content/video/bush_tours_america_to_survey?utm_sour
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    Obama Completes Flip Flop On Gun Ban?

    Some people CAN"T Win. First, you guys say Obama was wrong because he didn't want people to be able to possess guns in DC., and NOW that he agrees with you, he is wrong because he flip flopped. My question to you that agree with the Supreme Court, SINCE you believe that is up the individual's...
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    The stupidity of news media

    How stupid do some news anchors think we are anyway? E.D. Hill has been jabbed out of her Fox News segment. Hill is the anchor who suggested that Barack and Michelle Obama's fist bump could be interpreted as a "terrorist fist jab." Just goes to show you how Fox news loves to MAKE UP news.
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    Political Ambition

    Listening to Pastor WRight and his "biased" views on racism would be a lot like listening to Rush Limbaugh and his "biased" views towards women, blacks, jews and anybody who doesn't share his same belief. Thank goodness Obama distanced himself from Rush! :roll:
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    Area grocers respond to consumers' concern

    Area grocers respond to consumers' concern Inside the glass case at Schnucks seafood department, trays of fresh fish hold small white cards announcing the contents and their provenance like pieces of art. "Yellowfin Tuna. Wild. Product of Indonesia" one reads. "Tilapia. Farm Raised. Product...
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    Simple COOL by R-CALF

    To quote Cinch about SH: Even AMI has left you behind. Now that there is funny, I don't care who you are! You would think the AMI would keep their correspondents up to date, wouldn't you? :wink:
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    "M" COOL enforcement

    I think the world was a better place when South Dakota lost its internet service for a long period of time. :wink:
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    Bush Says Farm Bill Rewards Millionaires

    For once, George W. Bush is absolutely correct.
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    More Beef to Japan!

    Excuse me, MRJ, but I don't believe for one minute that consumers are worried about whether there food came from Indiana or Wyoming, but I do believe they are worried about whether that food came from the United States or Great Britain. But then, since when has your group EVER worried about the...
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    Cattlemen Fight Packer Ownership

    So does that mean we IMPORTED 15%? I thought his highness, SH, said we ONLY imported 5%? Surely your numbers are wrong because SH has NEVER been wr...wr...wr....wrong. Or has he? How about this info from Trader Joes dropping items from their store that are made in China. Why, you ask...
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    I ain't lettin my wife go

    thinking to myself, "No possible way!" WAY!!!!! 8) I don't care who you are, that there's funny. Git R done.
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    Want to live next to Obama It'll cost you 1.5 million

    He learned his "shrewd" yet not necessarily legal ways of dealing with real estate from the master realtor in Illinois: Mr. Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert. Or maybe he was watching how former Republican Governor George Ryan used to work with neighbors and friends. Democrats...
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    ANOTHER Anti-Gay Republican Senator Outed

    Great Lies of our Time: I am NOT a crook. I did not have sex with that woman. I am not gay. Mission accomplished! :shock:
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    Perspective, reasons you should buy regular goods

    MRJ wrote: So then, Maxine, wouldn't the same "pay more for better quality or for something they really want" apply to the beef industry. COnsumers WANT to know where their meat comes from and will pay for that assurance. Wouldn't it stand to reason that products labeled by country of origin...