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  1. J


    We might be heading to Phillipsburg Montanna the end of June for a family reuion and I was wondering what is out in that area to "be sure to see"? Won't have as much time to spend out there as we like, but hope to see or do something fun besides spending time with long lost relatives! lol :wink:
  2. J

    Attention Macon

    I got this message from Jersey Lilly this morning, and this is the first time that I have been able to get on Ranchers today too. So I'm passing these errors messages on from her..thanks Chris...could you do me a favor. Could you copy and paste this in a message to Macon on Ranchers and tell...
  3. J

    Jersey Lilly is a G-ma!

    Little Lilly finally had "Thumper" tonite! I hope Lilly has a little time from playing g-ma to post some pictures here soon! Congradulations!!!!
  4. J

    And The New Year Begins..

    Trailing some of the spring cows towards home on New Years Eve Day. End of December, warm temps and NO Snow!!! Hubby rigged up this contraption to put liquid feed on the not so good hay. Sticky stuff, but it works pretty good. Nebraska Sunrise Wishing you all the best in 2012 from our...
  5. J

    Change of Scenery..photo's

    For the last 10 days we've been in Hawaii! I planned this trip for my 50th b-day. We cruised on the NCL cruiseship and went to the 4 main islands. We did the marathon tours and saw as much as we could possibly fit into the days. It was a fantastic trip..so here's a little bit of what we...
  6. J

    History Lesson USMC Horse

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIo3ZfA9da0 This horse was a packhorse during the Korean war, and she carried recoilless rifles, ammunition and supplies to Marines. Nothing too unusual about that, lots of animals got pressed into doing pack chores in many wars. But this horse did something...
  7. J

    My trip to Wyoming..

    My son had to go to Colorado to pick up his little mare, so I tagged along and brought my horse along. We rode in several area's of Wyoming and had the best time hanging out together..and I was so happy that Ole Koda did so good climbing around in the rocks..not bad for a sandhills horse! A...
  8. J

    Mother Natures Furry...

    Soapweed posted some great pictures of clouds on August 7th, well east of him, there was a tornado reported and straight winds that did alot of damage. Powerlines down for miles, barns and buildings damaged..We also had a couple of things damaged..but the neighbors got hit the worst. Our...
  9. J

    Summer in the Sandhills..pics

    Good rains..(though some not very good timing)...hot summer days..makes for perfect Sandhills pastures! The Creek has run pretty full all summer Getting some mowing in before the kids head to football 2adays! Road Block! Posing for her Model Cover Shot! One of my 1st Calf Heifer...
  10. J

    Grass is Green!

    As of today June 15th all the bulls are out with their girlfriends, calves are growing good, grass is green, got first bunch of Fall cows preg ckd,,so life on the ranch is pretty good! Pulling the rod out.. Checking the leathers Got Water! lol Spraying flies on the bulls before they hit...
  11. J

    Snake River Crossing June 1 2011

    The big bunch of cows & calves headed out this morning to their summer pastures...(though it was 39degrees this morning) The cows were just plain goofy this morning..didn't want to go where they have gone for years..so a 20minute crossing turned into an hour & half...plus they still had 14miles...
  12. J

    Wet Meadows

    Trailing pairs across wet meadows is a challenge this time of year...with all the rain we've had..and will have, most of our low meadows are flooded right now. Of course there's no place to go but across them to get the pairs to pasture...I'm thinking that an airboat would be alot of fun right...
  13. J

    Neighbors Branding

    We helped a neighbor brand their calves using the forks..which is uncommon in our neck of the woods, but with the small crew and good country kids..it went very well. Double Hock catch is a must when using the forks Good thing about the forks, no wrestlers are needed..most of the time..lol...
  14. J

    Just a few Pics

    Like all ranchers this time of year..brandings are in full swing. We had our branding on May 14th...not a nice day..cold, windy, and sometimes rainy..but with 72 people we got r dun... My pride and joy...Hereford Heifer and calf Heifer #2 with calf 1st calves to be branded..Mine! My...
  15. J

    My 1st new baby calf..Updated..2cd Calf

    Technically I have started calving..(finally)..and yet I'm half done!...lol considering the fact that I only own 2 heifers of my own...lol So here's my first bull calf born this afternoon...I was so excited! So what do you think Doug???
  16. J


    Despite the NON springlike weather we've been having, there are signs that it's on it's way...lol All the spring cows in one area..some pairs..mostly heavies Talk about HEAVY.. Plowing the 3 pivot fields Getting a cool refreshing drink from a natural spring...and trying not to get...
  17. J

    Tis the Season...

    Isn't Calving Season Great!!! New life arrives and then Spring Arrives! Course in the last 2 days..Old Man Winter is making his presence known...AGAIN!..Here's a few pictures from the last few days.. This baby being fed was beat up by his mama..Nasty Heifer! She's outta here...
  18. J

    Warm Days..Snowy Days

    Finally getting my Hereford Heifers branded... The brand DB quarter circle is my g-pa's brand..a very early Nebraska Brand... Not a very good pose..but this is one of the herefords I got from Rancher member Doug...Thanks Doug!!! A Swan enjoying the rare warm day last week... So warm in...
  19. J

    Happy Birthday Lilly!

    I know this wish is a little late in the day, so I hope your birthday was a fun and eventful! I would of made a peach cobbler for ya..but the peaches in Nebraska this time of year are a little on the frozen side..lol happy Birthday! :tiphat: :clap:
  20. J

    Tri State Livestock Jounal

    For those of you that might get the Tri State Livestock news, The cover page on the Cattle Journal winter edition is a photo that I took. It was noticed ( by a ranchers member here) and selected to be on this issue..I'm really excited about this covershot...so I thought I'd share with ya'll...