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    Video of mule-drawn bale feeder

    Looks like a fun rig to operate and a good way to put some sweat under the collars of those mules. My dad would have loved to have had that rig. Put up lots of hay and fed it back out of loose stacks back before round bales were much of a popular item. Bonus side might be that if a runaway...
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    Chute, There It Goes—by Steve Moreland, April 9, 2017

    That was a good one, Soapweed. The one fella dodged the panels and the cows were all still in the portable corral. Sounds like it all turned out to be a good day!
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    The woven wire is going to be expensive and overkill unless you plan to run sheep or goats. My thoughts are to put use 5-wire barbed with the wires perfectly spaced, a bit closer together on the bottom two and a bit wider on up from there. I'm sure there are specifics from some fencing experts...
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    "Creating/Inflating EPD's"

    One thing a person needs to keep in mind about ratios is the fact that they do not compare all of the calves in one ranch's offering. If done by the book, calves from one pasture would be in a contemporary group separate from calves in another pasture. It doesn't matte if they were born the...
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    Ralgro and bulls?

    Sounds like he took a wrong turn there. Bulls are loaded with testosterone. If they're too young to breed cows then that's just the wrong set of bulls for his cows. I'd be very wary.
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    Wrinkled Saddle

    Sounds like sage advice and that which I had suspicioned. Thank you both. :D
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    Wrinkled Saddle

    My friend has a nice saddle that needs a little ironing out. It was ridden in the rain and may have been shoved up tight against the wall. Anyway, on the back side of the cantle the entire skirt is wrinkled up and doesn't lay flat. Kind of looks like a "c" shape now with the open part of the...
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    Thoughts on replacement heifers

    I have few cows but work with a big ranch that takes care of them. I definitely like the home-raised heifer much better as we have mated the cows the way we want them (through a lot of A.I.) and we are working at all traits that we can measure to improve and select replacements. The...
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    raising twins

    I think this answers it fairly well. Thanks!
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    raising twins

    Hey, everybody sure clammed up. Nobody wants to take a shot at my question? I'm truly interested to know if a cow actually milks more with twins on her. How else would twins "draw a cow down" so to speak?
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    raising twins

    I had a cow raise twins two year ago and she got along just fine in a medium-sized buffalo grass pasture. Twin heifers were not huge at weaning but she had two calves to show for it and that paid better than one big one! It's good to have a few twins now and then if you have a larger number of...
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    Late January 2015

    I was originally going to suggest that this was possibly the case, but chose the route that was more entertaining to me. That was, to poke at you with a bigger stick! :lol:
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    Responses are plentiful here, but as a young person without a family ranch to inherit, I'd vote for the schooling route. If you go straight to work cowboying then there's a chance nobody will ever ask you to run the outfit. Oh, you could easily enough manage a cow herd or ranch for someone but...
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    Late January 2015

    I call foul! Ranch regulations repealed? What's that pup doing near those cows? You just can't believe what a guy tells you anymore. :lol:
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    Banding calves at birth?

    Guy that runs my cows knife cuts at birth. You have to be a bit of a contortionist but it works pretty well. Probably not the best scenario to get out of the way of a protective mother. :shock: Banding would likely get more votes from the majority. Just make sure you get both of the...
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    cutting strings

    I gave a buddy and cow partner of mine a reprieve from his feeding and calving chores for a couple of days while he went to a bull sale a few years ago in February. He had a big bunch of yearlings on pasture that he was feeding with an older feed truck. He had mentioned that I ought to be sure...
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    Rifle, Colorado - cafe

    Rifle has already been "discovered" by the gas boom. No problem there. Used to be ranch country but it's a little tougher to run a cow there nowadays. People are in the way. Probably still a nice enough community relative to the rest of the world.
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    Welding sucker rod onto drill stem?

    Like the clips. Expansion, contraction, ease of repair. Used to run a feedlot that was 100% this design with a solid pipe for the top rail. Liked it very much.
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    $4,000 on a good horse that's fun to ride is money well spent. Probably wouldn't have to spend that much, depending. One that you can go ride right now as opposed to training and fretting with and possibly making mistakes with for 3 or 4 years. That'd be my preference. Plus, you're talking...
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    Proper planning and a level head will go a long way with any cattle handling. The biggest thing is to know when something isn't working and figure out how to make it better. My buddy and I have let the cattle get away when we've had them captured because they didn't want to be handled in a...