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    320 Acre Ranch for sale Central MT

    Thought this might be a good place to post if anyone is looking for a small ranch acreage to get started. Location and Directions: This property is north and east of Roundup, MT on a county maintained rd. It is roughly 60 miles from Billings, 70 miles from Lewistown, and about 5-6 hours...
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    Bringing home the cows, and preg testing

    We brought the pairs home from the lease ground on Thurseday and then preg tested on Friday. Sorted cows from calves and started weaning. Here's some pics of the two days. Getting ready to move out HD and my sister Movin' um down the rode and through the neighbors hay field Sister riding my...
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    Cows, Calves and Little Boys

    Some pics I took of last week. Went to check cows on Tuesday and put some panels in place for loading as we were getting ready to bring them all home from the lease ground. Snapped a few pics of the calves Cows and Calves Heifer calf Big Red Cow Big Heifer Calf HD and Horse Yet...
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    Wholesale Rope Horse Halters

    WE have been building these halters for several years. The economy and china have pretty much run us out of competeing on the big scene. So we thought we would off them wholesale direct to the customer. They are 5/16" polypropylene rope. They are not super stiff nor are they flimsy, just a...