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    Happy Thanks Giving

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all. And may the Lord bless you. P.S. Even you left wingv socialist anti American boogers
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    OK Canadians

    I checked this thing before gathering this morning and again now at dinner and still do not know what happened in your elections. Dang near lost a cow in the brush this morning worrying about you all up in Canada. If I got t.v. I'd probably know by now. Hope it all came out like you wanted...
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    Start of Spring Works

    This is the first little draft of cows for the early start of our spring works. We could sure use some rain so we have some feed. They are slipping. Last year they were all rollie pollie fat.
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    New Baby

    My wife has posted pictures of our new son down in everything else board I would have put them in every place but I'm not up to the pictures yet.
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    New Son

    Howdy Ya'll I finally got my wife online to get these pictures online. Our new son, Larimer Lane, was born by latern light at home with midwife attending on Saturday, January 7, 2006 at 3:30am. He weighed in at 7 1/2 pounds (my smallest baby) and 20 1/2 inches. The kids are thrilled with the...
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    Happy New Year

    MY family would like to wish all a happy and Prosperous New Year. Been waiting for my new Son or Daughter should be any day now. Sure be happy the last month half of my work crew hasn't been up to working. :D
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    Had to do to Town

    Went with the wife into town the other day. Good night what a mess I do believe if yhere was some sort of calamity in southern Arizona half the population of the Northern States and Canada would perish. P.S. can't ya'll keep some of these folks home. :D
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    Daughter Moving Herd

    Daughter moving herd down wash. Cow is bottom left corner coming out of the brush "Is she gone yet?" We left this little cowgirl at the wash to finish the rest of the job on her own. Same cow leaving right before she hit a trot. Triumphant cowgirl returns.
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    Mines Calf update - "No licking me"

    Here's an update from Tues. 10/18 for "Mines Calf" My son is complaining "No licking me!" while he is trying to build his lego figure of his Uncle "Bim" Jim.
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    hot dang it's raining

    Well hopefully this is a precursor to a really good winter for us. The winter is when we get the most of our feed sure hope this is a good one. Might have a pretty good winter increase would be nice to turn out a couple thousand yearlings little extra pocket money. Hope everybody else is getting...
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    Mines Calf Fowowing Me - Youngest Son & Calf

    "Mines Calf Fowowing Me!" Youngest Son's new friend. This 3-day old calf was following our son from the day it was born. Our son claimed it as "mines calf" right then. We didn't realize this would be more literal than we expected. The heifer calf belong to a first calf heifer brought in off...
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    Well I knew I should'nt have done it but took a couple of days off before going to ride the big pastures. That always messes me up been up since midnight waiting on the sun. Will have my technology savvy wife post some more pictures when she can. Adios :-)
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    Photos of Arizona Desert Ranch Cattle and Pasture

    Below are some photos taken in August 2005 of a few cattle seen at waters on the Arizona desert ranch we work. At waters is one of the few occasions we see the cattle other than when we work them. Typical bull on the ranch in the few trees that exist on the ranch. The rest is bushes and...
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    Cattle works

    Well the sun is coming up and have catttle in the pens. Branding cutting and shippin. I love this part of the works get to ride and work all day and get the wife to pull cactus, mesquite and a bunch of other thorns out of my body half the night. Arms and hands I do myself (gives me something to...
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    My owner is selling out and I should do pretty good. I see adds for places up in Nebraska I am native to Az. and have only worked in Nevada and New Mexico was wondering what carrying capacity is up there on average? On this place we are running about 6 to the section. Any advice you might have...
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    Well here in this part of Arizona we were pretty dry until august started now were over 3 inches and closing on 4. Sure takes a load off not having to pump water every day. Have feed coming again life is good. Sometimes God does smile upon us. I hope everybody is getting what they need. Feel...