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    bale decks

    I see that some manufacturers are offering "pivot squeeze" and "parallel squeeze" options on their bale deck's. Does one style work better than the other? why?
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all of my cyber friend's and neighbor's...hope you all have a joyful season and all the best in the New Year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DcaFiGGi7U&index=2&list=RD-ohtTaccDy0
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    Hey RSL

    just wondering how your latest corn grazing experiment turned out?
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    hauling water in winter?

    have been GIVEN a piece of grass(old,uncut,hay field) to use as winter pasture, it has every thing meaning fence, shelter,etc except a water source. looking for tip's and trick's for hauling water in winter and or other options. Thank-you all for your replies.
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    fence charger's

    What's everyone using/recommending my old Parmak se 3 suffered a lightening strike so am now looking for a new one
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    Pure Country

    Has anyone heard from him lately....pretty big fire in his area http://globalnews.ca/news/2167486/several-properties-destroyed-in-rock-creek-fire/
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    although i Didn't know you in the beginning ( that's what search is for) i am sure thank-ful that i've got to know you in the last 4-5 years. May you have many more :clap:
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    February 01

    "When you wake on a February morn, better have half your tater's and half your corn" '' how's everyone's winter been so far??....our's has been great compared to last year's,..two extended chinook/warm spell's that got rid of all the snow that fell in between, although the weather guy say's that...
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    Little Jimmy Dickens

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_mUz3RWKHQ R.I.P.
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    bale spinner's vs. unrollers

    I see that a few on here use 3pt bale spinner's (Jody,Rightwinger) to name a few, and a few others use 3pt unrollers (Gcreek) and then a bunch use bale deck's on truck's which just unroll as well. My question is what's the advantage of spinning over just unrolling,if any?
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    oat's and turnips

    not wanting to derail the sorghum thread, wondering if any of you'all have had any experience with this http://hayandforage.com/mag/farming_perfect_pair
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    Having a bad day?.....Jody

    http://gobobpipe.com/pdf/Having_a_Bad_Day.pdf :wink: :wink:
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    Tag or don't tag???

    Big Swede mentioned that he no longer tag's, just wondering the reasoning behind this and if any one else is following suit. So do you tag and why and if you don't why not??
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    1st day of spring

    bring's blizzard like conditions...next to zero visibility..temp's not too bad but going down -5c...wind 50 to 70 k i'm sooo tired of this winter ...only+ side is am not calving till may/june, just in time for spring rain/floods and i know that's a whole other discussion :lol: :lol:
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    sure sign of spring

    The wife has been grumpy, cabin fever, tired of winter, but today when she picked up the mail her mood changed... there it was .. the new mail-order CHICKEN catalogue :lol:
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    Happy ground Hog Day!!

    Early spring according to our varmint, witch should occur in about six week's :? will spend the afternoon in the reloading shack as it's too cold out to do much shooting. Happy Aniversary Katrina :)
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    February 01

    "when you wake on a feb. morn, better have half your taters and half your corn" been a tough winter around here this year, early snow and lot's of it, windy and cold too. feed supply's are dwindling (sales are up) and still could get a lot more winter yet.
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    Vortex scopes

    just wondering if anyone has some real life experience's good or bad with these scope's . Am looking at this one for my heavy barreled .204 http://www.vortexoptics.com/product/vortex-viper-pst-6-24x50-ffp-riflescope-with-ebr-1-moa-reticle thinking about trying the mrad reticle
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    OK Ranchers- What do I do Now?

    I have about 35 acres that the wind got. Some piles are bigger than the baler, almost like it had been bunch raked. Any ideas on how to handle this now? [/URL] [/URL]L]
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    .17 wsm

    has anybody seen anything of these in the store's yet?