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  1. J

    Moving a bull

    We've hit peak busy season at the moment and trying to get a bull from Gordon, NE to either Belgrade, NE or North Dakota this week. Anybody have ideas of local haulers?
  2. J

    Ideas on long term handover of operation

    Trying to find some ideas on how to work a family hand over of an operation. Grandparents are owners of the cattle and equipment today, they own about half the ground and rent the other half from my father. We are trying to come up with a way of passing ownership of the cowherd to me over...
  3. J

    Huge tax increase possible for Kansas Farmers

    Wanted to make sure everybody see this story. Talking 4-600% property tax increases. http://www.kwch.com/news/local-news/bill-would-increase-property-taxes-for-farmers/31350726
  4. J

    Importing from Canada

    Anybody know what it takes to import cattle or sheep breeding stock from Canada?
  5. J

    Cattle Market

    Sure has taken it in the shorts the past week. Sure makes a guy wish those calves standing in the lot were in somebody elses lot already. Guess you can't be right every time.
  6. J

    New Mexico Water Rights

    Doing some research for work, what are some of the nuances associated and what are the rights worth?
  7. J

    Feb/Mar Pictures

    Couple of bull buying trips and a little bit of calving season over the past month. Schaff Sale Guy from Kansas we bought a pair of bulls from this past weekend. Basically all Schaff genetics run in an extremely rough environment in Western Kansas. Our own heifers at custom...
  8. J

    Tire Tank

    have one of the big tire automatic waters. Last week it froze up during the cold spell and has yet to thaw out even as we continue to haul water back to it. Anybody have ideas to thaw it out? It is a long ways from electricity so tank heaters would take a generator.
  9. J

    Paint me a picture

    Having a heated debate with my father last night on management practices made me wonder. Through the tough/leaner times in the cattle industry what do you folks see as the management keys that differentiated people who made money and lost money. Whether it was calving seasons, culling...
  10. J

    June 30, 2014

    All taken with cell phone so quality isn't great and it was simply just snapping pictures while putting out mineral. Young set of cows, first calvers mostly some 3 and 4 year olds. Bull on the old cows Another set in a heavily treed pasture.
  11. J

    Weekend Pictures

    Camera got broke so these are phone pictures. Quality isn't the best but at least they are something to share. First calf out of the heifers this year. SAV Birthstone baby out of a OCC Emblazon grandaughter. SAV Brave son that just came from up north SAV Heifers Commercial heifers
  12. J

    Kansas Cows

    Only pictures I could get before the batteries died so this is our lone rainbow pasture. OCC Prototype daughter One of our new Schaff bulls Our multicultural cows First calf heifer 07 model, mother of the spotted red heifer above
  13. J

    Ohlde Sale

    Anybody have reports on how the females sold? I saw that the bulls averaged 5,000
  14. J


    Sure feels like it out there today, 60+ degrees today and yesterday with high 60s next week. Drove around last night and the wheat is getting pretty green even for the first week of March. At least we don't have to worry about frozen ears anymore :-)
  15. J

    Hey Jigs, How bout them Cats

    I dunno where that game came from or why we can't play like that more consistently, but it was sure fun to watch last night.
  16. J

    Heading North

    Going to be driving up to Bismarck for the Schaff Sale weekend after next. There happen to be anybody else going to be in attendence? Last year my route included Thedford, Valentine, and Pierre. Probably going to duplicate it as I can never get enough of that country.
  17. J

    Pics From Home

    Got the chance to spend a day and a half at home this weekend, nice change and things are looking very good.
  18. J

    Freeze Branding

    Getting ready to run the heifers through this weekend and freeze brand. The only experience I've had is with dry ice and we somewhat had that down to a science but with the troubles with storing the ice for any amount of time along with the cost we are going to use liquid Nitrogen. Anybody...
  19. J

    Out to Grass They Go

    Finally got the last of the cows out to grass. We are going to use timed AI this year to save on time and these are some calves out of some of the cows that we deam worthy to attempt raising a bull calf. Red Robin 3m heifer calf Another 3m heifer 1st calf heifer Bull calf going back to...
  20. J

    Headin to Texas

    The jr. collegiate judging teams are headed to Stephenville, TX this month for our national contest. I'll be down there for the livestock judging end of the contest. Wish us luck and if anybody is within a short drive we'll be looking for things to do during the day.