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    Master of Beef Advocacy Program

    Great article in the Wall Street Journal recently on the Master of Beef Advocacy (MBA) program. This has been a very successful program for turning beef producers into advocates for our industry. You can learn more at http://www.beef.org/mastersofbeefadvocacy.aspx Beef Industry Carves a...
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    N Stands for Knowledge

    Sandhusker, you know any of these folks? Were you one of the those interviewed in this video? Jiggs, you seen any of these intellectuals wondering around lost in northern KS? http://thescoopmanhattan.com/news/ksus-revenge-courtesy-of-the-scoop-manhatt
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    New study on antibiotic use

    The copy and links below describe a recently released study dealing with resistant strains of bacteria. The study suggests overuse of antibiotics in the human population is a greater cause for creating resisting strains of bacteria. FYI, Beefman ===========================================...
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    Repeal the death tax

    The info below was emailed out last night by the MO Cattlemen's Assn. I would also encourage you to read an excellent article on this subject in the 4/13/06 edition of the Beef Business Bulletin....which was authored by Maxine Jones. NCBA Encourages Producers to Take Action on Death Tax...
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    Sandhusker - here's what matters

    Time to concentrate on what's important......college football. Will the Huskers take care of business in Lincoln tomorrow? Which team will show up to play the Cyclones? Tomorrow KSU travels to the armpit of the Big 12....Norman, OK. We're very young throughout this year, and a host of...
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    Media Editorials

    The following link is an editorial that appeared in USA Today last week. http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/editorials/2005-07-31-our-view_x.htm In response to this inaccurate editorial, Maxine & Ralph Jones of Midland, SD sent the following response: Mad cow sensationalism hurts industry...