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    Had to bring this back. Bought some of the product this spring and had a chance to use it with fall herd on cow that lost calf to scours. Cow is one of those foxy old girls that does not take another calf other than her own, period. Had a heifer that wasn't milking enough to feed her calf...
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    What moisture do you bale at?

    I bale a lot at 18-23%. Heats a little in some cases, but seems to turn into great stuff. Might get the odd wad that is 30%+ and have a patch of mold. I bale them as tight as I can. Only time when it doesn't work for sure is with clovers. Guaranteed mold then.
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    Nutrition (and good fertility) is the reason for twinning. After switching our basic mineral to a high-quality chelated product, my incidence of twins went up 1000%. Used to get a single set once every five to ten years. Now in the last 6 years I get at least 1, if not multiple sets every...
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    Cows Pump There Own Water

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    Cows Pump There Own Water

    Thanks for the info, Johnny. When I first looked at remote systems, I considered the nose pump and wondered if the problems you described would be an issue - I guess I was right. I went to the motion-controlled solar set-ups and couldn't be happier.
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    Denny - Belarus 5460 - what's it worth?

    Yeah, we gave up years ago on fiber clutches and went steel. This last one has lasted 7-8 years. Doesn't really matter though. Lady sold the tractor. Guess there are still people out there that will pay any asking price.
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    Denny - Belarus 5460 - what's it worth?

    Talked to the Belarus dealer today and he said it was worth 12-15k, so I guess I wasn't lowballing her. Only thing that ticks me off about the tractor is that they still put the fiber clutches in them, new. Have had so much more luck running steel clutches here.
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    Denny - Belarus 5460 - what's it worth?

    They wouldn't come down lower than 18k, so I am letting them sit on it with open offer of 15k. Only issue was a hydraulic leak somewhere above the transmission. All lights and levers worked perfectly. Would take a while to get used to the shift pattern as it is completely different from the...
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    Denny - Belarus 5460 - what's it worth?

    http://www.kijiji.ca/v-farming-equipment/kenora/belarus-tractor-nearly-mint-condition/1098033273?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Looking at the photos, it also has the shuttle shift, so it would be a 5460S.
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    Denny - Belarus 5460 - what's it worth?

    Going to look at one in the morning. 142 hours. Cab, Allied loader with bucket and forks. Always in a shed, pictures show immaculate condition. What were these worth new? It's a 2003 model. Asking $19800. I am aiming for $15k.
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    Reliable chainsaw?

    When it comes to saws, the blood runs orange around here. That being said, gcreek is right about the bigger saws being able to displace heat better. Very few problems with our 365 saw, but the 345 needs work every couple years. Just got it back from the shop 2 weeks ago where it got...
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    hereford birth weight s

    Same here.
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    Sons of Liberty

    Kicking myself, missed it. Have to pick it up another time. I gather it was good!?
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    John in SD

    Neighbor mentions Agribition each year, doesn't phase me. Been there once 10 years ago and satisfied my curiosity. Much rather be at home getting projects around here accomplished. Can't justify the 8 hour drive in my mind. Been a phenomenal winter so far (if you can even call it that)...
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    John in SD

    He spends a fair amount of time on CT, offering well-grounded advice that is greatly appreciated and needed there.
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    Windbreak Boards vs steel?

    I bought 1x6 8 footers here, Red Pine and Spruce, #3 grade for $2.00 a board. 47 boards every 30 feet. Out of a local quality sawmill and got to pick through them. Regular lumber stores and most small-time sawmills want almost double that price.
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    quiet wean nose flaps- final assessment

    I used them for a couple years and they worked well on calves the were fairly old, 8+ months. That being said, the last couple of rounds I have been leaving the calves on the cows till 10 months of age and letting them wean themselves. I was a little concerned initially about keeping condition...
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    560 heston baler

    562.5" I think. Starting flaps need to be replaced, for me anyways, about every 1000 bales or even a little less. If they aren't decent, that baler will drive a man to drink.
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    Calf prices

    Don't expect the insurance programs to be able to fully cover you in the case of a market collapse like in BSE. There isn't enough money in the pot to cover it all. We quit the insurance program in Ontario because the ones responsible admitted that if the market ever took a turn downwards, the...
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    More April 2014 photographs

    Must be some whiteface in the background of that black cow, as I have been told that they are the only ones that prolapse. :wink: