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    Hidden on Page 508 of the Infrastructure Bill Is a Plan to Make It Too Expensive to Drive a Car

    https://www.westernjournal.com/hidden-page-508-infrastructure-bill-plan-make-expensive-drive-car/#insticator-commenting There is the link where I saw it and it is in there.... Note that the tax is based on how much environmental impact the vehiicle creates. If they don't tax the cattle...
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    $2600/cow tax if this Infrastructure bill passes...

    Now I understand why all the big push for fake meat. They want to do away with cattle and hogs in the USA. Not they don't mention Horses or Goats or Sheep. Muslims have to have their protein to take us over.... I urge you all to contact your politicians to get this stopped immediately. It...
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    No-till drill not ready.

    I started to hook up the old Tye no-till drill this morning and found a few springs missing on the back press wheels, and then found some discs that had a lot of play. $26 each for discs but after some searching I found the bearings for $4 ea. So while waiting I only have to cut off the 6...
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    Do you use the radio in the tractor?

    Just curious, I have cabs on most of my tractors, and on my swather. Swather is an old Gehl/Owatonna 16ft sickle machine with an A/C that works. My New Holland has a good cab and quite a few crature comforts including a fancy marine radio I got through points on my Bass Pro Credit Card...
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    counting votes

    Why does it take a computer with some fancy algorithims ( programs ) to count votes???
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    Hello from Central OK..

    Retired engineer from state water agency. Doing consulting engineering work to support my farming and cattle habit. Stuck on 80 acres NW of OKC. Development is closing in and land is getting hard to find to farm. Turning my old wheat pasture into no till and using the no till drill in my...
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    Thick Placenta suffocating newborn calves

    Found a dead newborn this morning. Still wet and Mama had tried for a while I could tell. I was watching one have a claf the other evening. She did not have any trouble, and she was one of my older cows, one of the original herd 10 years ago. I watched and when she went to the calf's butt...