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    Early October 2014

    I didn't look closely, but I'm pretty certain that's just a cotton module truck. That's how they get the modules from the field to the gin. https://www.google.com/search?q=cotton+module+truck&biw=1600&bih=697&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=VN5MVLijGo288QHysYGgDA&ved=0CB0QsAQ
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    It's On. AU vs KSU On Thursday Night!

    OK, so even assuming your son is an exceptional athlete, how does that say anything good about NU's state of the program? You just said that a poor athlete (relative to your son) will be walking on at NU... Generally, even the walk-ons have to be invited by the program to walk on. Soooooo, using...
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    AI Breeding... Can somebody give me a quick rundown?

    I'm a banker and a farmer, who knows stocker, backgrounding and feedyard cattle... I don't really know jack about cow/calf... I need a quick explanation about AI'ing cattle, and specifically, how long you'll have them locked up. As in, bring them in, lock them up to synchronize them, hold them...
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    When is the last time a SEC player did this?

    Barrett Jones, Alabama's All-Everything center, has finished his masters in accounting, and that's in 4 years I believe. Maybe 5, but even still, going through and getting a masters in 5 yrs is pretty solid. Collin Klein also finished his undergrad degree in finance prior to running out of...
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    New Name For BCSNC Game

    Well if aTm can keep Johnny Football from turning into Tony Romo, I'd say they'd be my pick next year, especially w/ Matthews coming back. Had Joeckel come back also, I'd have said they'd be about a lock...
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    Cotton Bowl

    Who also beat the SEC champ... What's your point? The parity in college football has never been close to what it has been in the last 10 years. A lot depends on which team shows up that day and what injuries/breaks go their way. Had A&M played like that all season, they would be in Bama's...
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    Johnny Football

    And Johnny Football LOST to all the top teams, save for Alabama when he had 1 great quarter, and then prayed that the defense held on. Klein lost one game after getting a concussion, and accounted for something like 70% of his teams offense. Most importantly, Johnny Football got to play behind...
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    I doubt you, or any team outside of maybe Ohio St, Notre Dame, Alabama and maybe 1 or 2 others will ever come within a stones throw of making the kind of $$$ that UT does. Just the way it is. Plus, the SEC just happened to be the 1st league to have their TV contract come up for bids durin the...
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    Equipment cost?

    OK, this will sound harsh, but there isn't any other way I can put it... The way you're framing this, you're basically just "buying" yourself a job, and at the end of it will hopefully at best be at a break even. You need to do as others have said, and supply the equipment, but charge custom...
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    I'm not sure, but I think it was 10-7... Oh wait, that was the Leader Whiskey dropping to Oregon State. Maybe Nebraska's was a Legendary 36-30 or something like that?
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    nowhere near tough enough

    Needs to drink more water during school and in the evenings.
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    pretty discouraging

    I'm wondering b/c there's a big operation out in extreme W KS that a Whitham family owns, and the patriarch of that outfit was killed in the early 90s I believe when his private plane (jet is what the story I was told said) went down on his way to his ranch up north. That's just the story I was...
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    Pictures, as of July 20, 2012

    1st off, sorry for the fires and damage/trouble it's causing everybody up there. That sucks. I know last year down here, there were some guys that had that happen, and then w/ the 0 regrowth, their pastures started blowing and it was a mess. So, my question: The tanks in the pickups look to be...
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    4 team playoff finalized

    Chuck here does a pretty good job of summarizing how the SEC does it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlz01nBrl4s&feature=player_embedded
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    I'm Farming and I Grow It

    You know those guys are K-Stater's don't you Katrina? :D
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    Trimble EZ Guide 250

    No direct experience w/ the 250. I went from the EZ guide plus, to the 500 to the FMX. The 250 should do everything you want it to do very well though. I don't know how far it will go as far as auto-steering or precision controls, but for lightbar guidance it'd be tough to beat.
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    Hey Sandhusker

    Ok, this might be a sports board, but guess which school ranks #5 (behind Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton & Duke) in the number of Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Udall and Goldwater scholars? And it certainly ain't that school of Nowledge north of us! :D
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    Fencing Projects

    They going to irrigate that hay? If so, can you still drill irrigation wells? Or is there even any groundwater out there?
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    Question for Jigs

    It's been a cash grab from the get-go. NU and CU can say what they want, but that's what it was... Which makes it interesting to see how the IRS will view all of this. I bet that within 10 years college sports will lose the tax exempt status and then get to watch 35% of those revenues that...
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    A&M the next to leave the Texas 12?

    Let's be honest on the textbook thing... 28K, really? We're going to try to "throw the book at them" :D over that? Any major DI program probably has that amount of money running under the table in 6 months or less. UNL will always have an advantage over KSU b/c it's the only major program in...