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    You probably don't have any homeless

    There are a lot of people that I would call homeless on the Indian reservations in South Dakota. They may not live on the streets as they do in the cities but they have no real home of their own. Often their kids are farmed out to a grandmother or an aunt. As one Indian woman just told me a...
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    It seems to me that we have more hawks arround this fall than we usually do. Has anyone else noticed this. I believe they are the Northern Harrier. At least they have the white rump patch. A few weeks age they were often , but not always seen as pairs, now I see mostly singles. A few weeks...
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    Walking sticks

    Those look a little different than what we sometimes call walking sticks up here. Ours have six legs. They may be a gray-green color or a light brown. They are also called Devil's Darning Needles or Devils Horse. I really don't remember of seeing any this summer, but sometime they are quite...
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    taking the bear rug down

    Roper, Take the rug down. Take it down but don't throw it away. This is your time of grieving. When this time passes you will want that rug back up to remember and cherish the time you had with your friend. You are just starting to grasp the reality of life. The living must go on even...
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    Secretary of Ag.

    feeder, I believe you are right. The Sec of ag. has always been the goat according to the farmers and ranchers. I don't remember them all but can go back to Clifford Harding, Orville freeman and Earl Butz. Earl Butz was most favored by the farmers because he encouraged farmer to farm more and...
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    Secretary of Ag.

    Tap, I think you are on to something. I believe we need to define exactly what the Dept of agriculture is really supposed to do. Today it is trying to wear to many hats. I believe it is there to help both the producers and the consumers. It should not try to set prices or work with world...
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    It depends on what you want to call a subsidy. To me any payment that encourages increased production, or even sustained production is a subsidy. The current farm program is a good example, but I think it is necessary for the American farmer and rancher to stay in business with the way things...
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    New Packer in South Dakota

    I hope it works too. It would not only help the cattle producer but would also help the unemployed who want to work. To promise jobs for a minority is just a good way the get more government help. If he depends on the Native American for help, he will have a hard time keeping a constant labor...
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    I have a question.

    It is not dumping if you are forced to sell below your cost of production it happens often. but when you bypass your own and your usual market and offer to sell for less than that market is currently paying, that is dumping. Although you Canadians claim your concious is clear, that is why...
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    Aw come on TXTibbs, the excitment of a kid for a cute puppy is part of the deal. I like #3 but may not vote for it.
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    Studying colorful clouds, August 10, 2006

    Neat pictures Soapweed. I like Trying for a Dramatic Shot and Cows Hiding in the Sunflowers the best. Clouds do something for any picture. You have a good eye for what it takes to get a good picture.
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    OK....SD/WY people....a question for you???

    Don't expect to see any rain. Wind, well most likely.
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    Goodbye, Jennifer

    At a time like this a person doesn't know what to say. I think just shareing your grief with us helps. Ms. Sage put it down pretty well. I lost my brother in a farm accident fifteen years ago, I still miss him, but now I thank God for the years we had him with us. I received my comfort...
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    I guess I would have to vote for all of these things, but I am not sure that some of them would apply. I have been on here for several years. A neighbor suggested this site to me. I don't know how many of the people who were on this ite then are still here, but I do know that Jason and SH...
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    Chokecherry trees

    Chokecherry leaves and pits, do sometime contain a cyanide type substance that can cause prussic acid poisoning, the same posioning as the sorghums and sudangrass. Concentration must not be very high as I have never heard of much livestock poisoning. To be on the side, take about the same...
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    Looking for Advice

    High Plains: Read Red barn Angus's post a few more times. I think he has about hit it. desires and dreams are fine but you also have to look at reality. I am not trying to discourage or influence you but go into this with your eyes open. I am an older rancher, never thought I was...
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    1936.............. The Greatest Heatwave

    My temp. here saturddat was 110 it was 109 yesterday. Valentine reported 113 the highest on record for that dat. I don't remember much about 1936, I was only 7 years old then. I do reemember, we had a Kilgore Elevator thermometer tacked up north of the house where we watched the temperature...
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    Best Place to run Cow/calf ranch ?

    efb: I think I would like to set down and talk to you about the pros and cons of ranching in the area from Murdo Sd. to Valentine NE. and in the sandhills. Depending on the time of the year, and the past seasons some areas look good and some not. I have been through lots of places that I...
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    Tyson Breaks out The Axes

    I am just a dumb, really an uneducated farmer and rancher. I know very little about economics, but I believe the US got where it is today because of the resources we have. Then we had the people who were willing to work and learn how to add value to these resources. Today we want to take...
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    Record weights

    I agree with robertmac. There is no way we can compete with chicken or pork if we think price. They are just more efficient, and more adapted to factory type operations. The large feed lots are as near as we have come to that. They can use large numbers to offset small margins and still show...