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    holy mad elk disease, can't get it it up, dont take this

    Here in Alberta the lunacy is alive and well among those who raise elk on farms. Their self-appointed expert on prion disease, Glenda Elkow (Mmmmm) has come out swinging at the Edmonton Journal saying that the newspaper misrepresented the facts surrounding CWD and the potential threat to human...
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    Mad Cow Case

    Unfortunately, most medical staff will diagnose the disease as a rapid onslaught of CJD and will not label it as vCJD or anything that will cause the eyes of the world to see it as the human form of BSE. So sorry to hear of this lady's affliction. It is truly sad. Ron.
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    Mysterious cattle disease is rampant in Germany

    Sounds like it has become a transformation of a collective compound found naturally in bovine milk which aids in the overall rapid development of the calf's immune system - it also appears that this compound now is no longer assisting in that growth but is now aggressively attacking the animal...
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    Canadian BSE Blood Test

    It is not our test folks. Yes Mrs. Greg, I am in Edmonton. Sorry I never responded sooner - sunny Mexico kept me busy. The blood test is a rather complex test in that there are many many complex proteins involved in the matrix and that is cause for concern. Identifying markers - essentially what...
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    [TAHC News] FYI: Info Regarding Disease Rumor in Texas

    In the UK, the Government formed groups of people to look into the BSE crisis with a view toward making focused and specific plans to eleviate and eliminate or at the very least, prevent the spread of not only BSE, but the paranoia that had enveloped the entire country and especially the UK food...
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    [TAHC News] FYI: Info Regarding Disease Rumor in Texas

    Porker, we are still trying to raise enough funds to proceed with the validation. The United States National Prion Surveillance Centre at Case Western University, in Cleveland, Ohio, has agreed to conduct our validations as soon as we come up with the necessary amount. It is going to take...
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    More Canadian BSE

    Burnt wrote: Nobody feels threatened here Burnt. Not in the least - could never happen. I simply do not subscribe to the yet unproven point of view that only nuclear waste, in its many forms, is the single most, if not the solitary cause for prion disease. I use the term "unproven" only as a...
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    More Canadian BSE

    Shaft wrote: Your words imply that there is only one "mode" of transmission?? What do you think it is Shaft?
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    More Canadian BSE

    Kathy wrote: "Metalloprotein crystal fibril formation."[b\] You have got to be kidding right?? What the heck is in your water down there on the range Kathy??? Obviously, you are getting way over your head with comments like that Kathy!! Where is it written that all that you post here is...
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    More Canadian BSE

    Sandhusker has nailed it with his statement - Of course, there are those who would try to throw mud on his comments but every once in a while someone with some honest sense will agree that had that animal been slaughtered last year or last month or at any time prior to being found to have BSE...
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    When our test has completed trials and has been formally validated, I will post the results right here for all to see. We may then also provide a great number of tests to any and all who would like to try it throughout North America, in conjunction with their Provincial/State Labs- call it Beta...
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    We can actually release it now for Beta Testing if we wish to do so but the validation process is a grueling 24 - 36 months. That is what it takes to generate the huge amount of data for the OIE to go through and to hopefully, approve! If we can keep the validation to around 24 months I will be...
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    Terry, Harash Narang died in the Spring of this year due to a massive heart attack. It occurred in Hexham, UK, on May 31 and you are indeed right, his passing is a great loss to Prion Disease Research. He will be missed. His passing was noted in the Newcastle Newspapers (The Chronicle) and Mr...
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    Porker, we are plowing ahead at full speed my friend. No letting up at all. Will be validating for BSE, CWD, CJD & Alzheimer's Disease.
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    Imagine how many positives might show up if all animals were tested??? Not just a very very small percentage!! Truly laughable testing protocols in both countries. Not to mention misleading, dangerous and totally irresponsible on the part of the so-called governments. So, the feed ban and yet...
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    Kathy wrote: Clearly Kathy, your comments are based upon your long term commitment to copper and metal causes of prion disease which, I must say, do have some merit - or was it possibly that you took his comments out of context due to a lack of his (Gambetti) original quote in its entirety...
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    Kathy rote: A bold statement that may contain some truths Kathy but to pose the above as being the only implied cause would be a stretch. Otherwise a bold statement that has merit perhpas. But can we be sure those particles were in the general vicinity at the time and where did they originate...
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    The BSE Testing Insanity Continues

    Flounder wrote: No true! This test was actually done by Dr. Narang many years ago at the request of MAFF. His findings indicated a direct relationship between the feeding of Scrapie infected sheep offal to cattle along with chicken and other materials/proteins in the cattle feed. The results...
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    Country of Origin Labeling

    As a footnote to this thread, the British Government is currently investigating and has fallen underfire from the media following a huge investigative report from a number of UK Newspapers wherein reporters have found that labels indicating 100% Beef Products such as sausages, hamburgers, other...
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    "Human form of Mad Cow Disease"

    Terry posted this quote: Schonberger has basically tried to tell the world to spin in the opposite direction. Does he not understand the mutation processes that potentially can occur with each transmission of the disease through a succession of hosts - animals - and how that can affect the...