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    http://yosemiteconservancy.cmail1.com/t/ViewEmail/j/AADE929528A11EFB/64C6EC58674C149DC06B463AA70A4F2C http://yosemiteconservancy.cmail1.com/t/ViewEmail/j/AADE929528A11EFB/64C6EC58674C149DC06B463AA70A4F2C
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    My son-in-posted this

    If you cowboy for a living read this Brett Heggie I thumb through these ranch ads once in awhile n just laugh at what some of these jobs say. In most cases it's like looking for ranch manager/ care taker/mechanic/ farrier/ nanny/ grounds keeper/ cowboy/ farmer/ dude wrangler/Loper and stall...
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    V_Key's Pony's

    This was her Pony "Spice" _ She Broke Him _ (I had him on Long Lines) http://ranchers.net/photopost/uploads/443/095_41.JPG We sold the Stud Pony as a "Stud" to a Good Home as a 1.5 Year old _ Many People wanted Him
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    V_Key's Pony's

    This is Old "If It Works" Vickey wanted to stop and Look at Ponies one day _ The first thing this Old Man Said Was "I don't sell my Baby's - !" All the horses he has were his BABY'S He ended up tacking a Liking to V_Key and ended up Giving Her "Spice"! In time he called us and Said = = = ¿"I...
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    Jody_ Hows your water?

    YellowStone! http://www.cnn.com/2015/01/20/us/yellowstone-river-spill/
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    worth a look

    Hope things work out for you Jig's
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    worth a look

    I hope things work-out for you…
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    Hope this works

    Californis FFA @ the "Tomb of the Unknown" in Wash D.C. http://imemories.us/1ujlyHl
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    So Sorry Soap!
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    How Not To Get Your A$$ Kicked By The Police

    How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police A recent public service announcement to the African American community... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=575727099190133
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    Robin Williams the FLAG

    :D :!: Robin Williams as the American Flag... http://biggeekdad.com/2012/03/robin-williams-american-flag/#.U-pQnCtYXBk.mailto
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    What is this ?????????????????? Why are you PICKING on me?????
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    Pictures of the Past---------

    I wish I had some BUT in the 50's not everyone had a Camera - Dam It!
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    Pictures of the Past---------

    I've riden some nice country in my Day - these photo's make my mouth water…
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    I'm pulling for Her Jody! I never know what to say at times like this. She needs your love right now…
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    Surfing I found this

    Thanks! Aby Other News about this?
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    Surfing I found this

    Years ago Tim was at Fort Ord and stayed at our Camp in San Jose and ran Rodeos on Week-Ends. Does anyone know anything about this? Colorado Family: Feds Using 'Aggressive, Relentless' Effort to Force Sale of Ranch July 7, 2008 - 8:19 PM By Pat Taylor Subscribe to Pat Taylor RSS Share on...
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    I thought this was funny

    My daughter V_Key is training new office staff at her company’s new job-site in San Francisco - a new 9 story building - (that a 80± mile drive daily, one way) - One of the Project Managers said - “I hear your a Country Girl - What makes you a Country Girl?” “Well, I’ve had my arm in a ewe...
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    The Passing of a Legend

    Back then My Boss bought 10 acer’s with chicken houses here in San Martin so we could ride his horses in winter (nights) - we tied 2 chicken houses and made a Track with box-stall’s in the center - - we dug 6” out of the 3rd house and made a Ripping Arena with Bucking Chutes at one end - there...
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    Just Pictures-----------

    Nice Colorful Photo's - Thanks