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    It seems to me that we have more hawks arround this fall than we usually do. Has anyone else noticed this. I believe they are the Northern Harrier. At least they have the white rump patch. A few weeks age they were often , but not always seen as pairs, now I see mostly singles. A few weeks...
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    Rain Crow

    Cool and cloudy here this morning, Looks like it could rain. More so now than a few hours ago, but it will probably go around us. The old rain crow has been calling for rain with his cuk-er-ru-cuk, cuk-er-ru-cuk, cuk-er-ru-cuk. but he isn't gettiing any response. At least there is no...
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    Katrina's Homeground

    While we were comming home from North Platte in the early evening of Sunday I noticed how pretty the big Sandhill were along the Dismal River. Some Juniper there, but what really impressed me was The Reds of the Bluestem and it being intermingled with the yellow and the green. The light was...
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    Dang It

    I just ran my pen and my tally book through the washing machine. Nothing left except the cover. Now I have some shirts with pretty red spots on them. That's a subject cowboy poets can write about, has probably happened to nearly everyone.
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    nr's motto

    "It is not what you say folks remember, it is how you make people feel" Thanks, nr and Craig, and Macon and Susan. You certainly did just that. Clarence
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    Rain Rain Go Away

    I can't dance, And I can't play. It rained last night, And I can't make hay. Actually is rained this morning, started about 5:15, was aining hard at a quarter to six. Had planned to turn windrows then bale. Don't have that much down, will get to it sometime. In the meantiime the rest is...
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    Katrina and the curlews

    I will put this on a separate thread. First, I do not know for sure, but I do not think we have a preditor control district here. We really don't have very much of a preditor problem, although some do have some losses to coyotes. I have not seen any curlews here yet, although I have not...
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    Alan Geubert

    I just read an artical by Geubert in the Lincoln Journal Star. I am not a fan of Geubert but the headlines caught my attention. He may have just hit the nail on the head. You Canadians allway accuse us US producers of not keeping our word. We never agreed to step aside and give a part of our...
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    Sh's Round Barn Pictures

    Since this is Fightless Friday, I just thought I would mention that I have received SH's CD with the round barn pictures, They are great a whole disk full, he even has the well house, pump, a corn crib etc. If I ever figure out how I might post some here. Think I might need another program...
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    Deer frolicking in the snow - why?

    I am not that much up on deer yet, but I believe the rutting season is in November and fawning season is in May. I too, saw 2 large herds of deer last night on my way home fron town. Was very windy here yesterday, I think they just came out from shelter to feed in the evening after the wind...
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    A Thought for today