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    Post a Ranch Photo!

    Wow, mommas are good milkers and good forage to go with it.
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    The Big Rodeo

    According to Drovers and my County Extension Agent, The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo has been Cancelled.
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    "You'll know my opinion...when the election is over."

    The Dog Turd would probably taste better than Biden would do being a president. Voted yesterday, Red here.
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    How to not get the yearlings checked

    Had a 567, moved up to a 568, really like it. Thought about a 569, then looked at the price and my check book and decided the 568 repairs were cheaper. Even with a $2800.00 gear box repair. The gear box its self was $2300.00. Seal went out while baling and lost the oil. As the repair man said...
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    Jack Moreland, J.J. Moreland, Joy J. Fairchild

    Good that you saved them from the dump grounds and forever lost.
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    Really enjoyed reading. One heck of a memory and good things to remember.
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    I’M GOING TO OPEN MY DOOR UP By Steve Moreland, May 9, 2020

    AS normal, another great one from Soapweed! Always enjoy his family stories.
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    Hello Ranchers

    I had forgotten all about Ranchers.Net, glad to see it back up. Always enjoyed A lot of the posts, Especially Soapweed's.
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    Do most ranchers still brand their cattle or only use ear tags?

    In Texas a brand registration cost $10 for 10 years. That does not mean 10 years from the date you register your brand, It is a 10 year span and I think it started 3 years ago. Also in Texas if you have a registered brand, by law you have to use it. As for ear tags, they should only be used...
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    Does Hemp Grow Wild on Your Ranch?

    Back years ago the government actually planted hemp along stream beds for the Indians to use for making rope. it grows wild all over the midwest. Not good for smoking, nothing in it.
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    There is nothing........

    Here in South Texas we have finally gotten over a 5 year drought. So far this year we have gotten 49.9 inches. Last week we got 10 inches in 6 hours. Should be getting ready for the second cutting of hay, but still waiting to get the first one done. Will have high quantity but quality will be...
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    New to Ranching, moving from Maryland to Dallas Tx

    As for the breed that works, just about any of the common breeds will do good. I would check around the area and see what other people have. Might even go to the local sale barn and see what it going thru and what sells good in the area. All depends on what the order buyers are looking for. Of...
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    Clipping pastures

    Yep, every time you clip them the roots grow bigger. Would be better to have a grubber and pull them out.
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    cow utter problem

    Sounds like Mastitis to me, if so need to get it treated before it spreads to the other quarters.
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    Late March 2015

    Dang if I don't recongnise that crane is the upper left corner from being down here on my winter grass in Texas, glad they went home.
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    caracara eating newborn calves

    Here is how to build a trap for buzzards: with some 5 ft high hog wire that is small enough so the buzzards can't crawl thru, make a circle 5 ft or so in diameter held in place with posts, don't have to be big. Throw in something dead. The buzzards can not fly straight up, only at an angel...
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    caracara eating newborn calves

    In Texas it is legal to kill buzzards if they are destroying your livestock. You can get a permit from Texas Parks and Wildlife. Talk to you game warden or county ext agent, I got this information from our Game Warden in DeWitt County. Got a .17 cal with a scope that works great. I agree...
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    1st day of spring 2015

    Sandhill cranes have gone back up North, We have had a total of 14.75 inches of rain for the month of March. Wild flowers are blooming, frogs are chirping and weeds are growing. Cattle are off hay and enjoying the Rye grass and Clover. Grass is coming in. Calves are growing good. Stock tanks are...
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    Smartphone uses in ranching

    Silver: My kind of phone. Denny: That is why i carry a pencil in my shirt pocket and a knife in my pocket in case the pencil gets dull. Sandhiller: Nope, it is in the same pocket as my calculator. The calculator is what has ruined my math abilities.
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    Smartphone uses in ranching

    Our kids decided we needed a cell phone just in case, so they got us one on their family plan. We told them we wanted the most user friendly and easiest to use, preferably with a rotary dial on it. Ended up with a flip, that is as far as we will go. For the rest, we still use a note book and...