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    What's the weather like at your place?

    We couldn't do 92, so guess we are even. Our foot of snow melted, so now we are getting ready for 4-6" between tonight and 6 pm Thursday. Then another 5" on Saturday. The snow isn't the problem, wind is the problem. And cold. Minus 7 Sunday evening. Still hoping this crappy weather will...
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    Word Association Game

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    Mustangs Pictures

    For being hated by some so much, they really are amazing. Loved or hated, I'm glad to see them looking so fit. Neat head and face markings on the bald-faced paint. So glad you came back and posted pictures of the mustangs again. You were missed.
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    Another bad day for a little girls daddy

    Hard on the heart too.
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    8 to 10%. Been there. Done that. Once.
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    I don't know if this will help you or not, but my brother-in-law who is very wise, (because he's been through a lot and he is a child of God), told someone in shoes similar to yours "you need to make that 18 inch trip from your heart to your head." Again, not sure if that will help you, but it...
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    Word Association Game

    That was pretty clever...arrow pointing up...I liked it. Canada
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    We got a foot of SNOW Saturday and Saturday night. YES!! A FOOT. Wasn't ready for it and more is in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday and zero degrees for a low. That will get rid of some of the riff-raff.
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    Word Association Game

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    Deer season

    We hit one with our Honda Crosstour. Thought for sure we had done a lot of damage. Got home and checked, NOTHING! No damage. We have so many whitetail deer, I have began to hate them. The deer are starting to come down to the buildings around here because it is so dry. As much as I hate them, I...
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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    UNPLANNED ADVENTURE OF A YOUNG RANCH WIFE By Kay Wolfenden – October 10, 2020

    The ranch we leased in the 60's was part of a bigger ranch company, made up of 3 ranches. The owners lived in Iowa, so our dealings were with the President, or maybe he was the vice-president, I'm not sure. He lived in the same town in WY as we did and he leased one of the 3 ranches. He had...
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    Eat More Beef

    Darn! I thought he posted just lately. Missed the 2019 date.
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    Jack Moreland, J.J. Moreland, Joy J. Fairchild

    And you both raised registered Herefords! Interesting!
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    Eat More Beef

    He did post on this thread. Did you miss it? Yes, Traveler, come back!!
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    bring country together

    They have no idea of the consequences of the Green New Deal. I ask them, "do you like to eat? Drive? Heat your house? If so you better think twice about voting for anyone who thinks this is a good idea." People are so spoiled and lazy and they have no idea that if we lose this country to...