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    Mystery P-51 Pilot

    Cool, I didn't know that about Jimmy Stewart. I remember him from that Winchester 73 movie but I didn't know he was a real deal type of guy. Sometimes with famous people the less you really know about them the better.
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    Tribute to a fine mare

    I dont know what to say except sorry for your loss.
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    444 marlin black powder

    MC that is such a pretty rifle.Its everthing about older style rifles like yours. Its beautiful. The lines, the balance, the way they hang when you bring them up to your shoulder. I bet the set trigger is sweet as can be. Lots of character and style there.
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    444 marlin black powder

    I'm just going by memory here and my memory isn't that great. I used to be right into guns years ago but then I really didn't have the time. Used and carried them but didn't play or practice much. But I used to do a lot with original black powder cartridge guns years ago. Haha thats why I have...
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    Hello from interior Alaska

    It strikes me funny that you can get a second cut way up in Alaska. I'm in the Alberta banana belt way south of you and we can't get one cut lately.😀 Welcome😀
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    What is an annoyance that Ranchers have to deal with everyday?

    I always had heard that it was bad luck to wear a hat inside a house😀
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    What is an annoyance that Ranchers have to deal with everyday?

    Stuff on my place doesn't really bother me much. Remember that old Wilf Carter song "You'll get used to it"? Scares me that I can't do as much as I want to do physically. I'm not leaving my place alive if I can help it. I need my cows ,horses. I can't leave here.
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    444 marlin black powder

    I've got a marlin 444 .Its first year production. I think 1964. Bought it from a federal park warden years ago when I was a kid. He bought it from a provincial game warden who took it from some elk poachers in a different province and then sold it to him in Ontario at a game warden convention...
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Haha I wasn't thinking about the chasing away women part. I was hauling water though through this to with no heater in my truck. My home made tiger torch would work unless I let the tip of the torch go down below the hose or the tank I'm not sure which and then it was like a cross between a bomb...
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    Master's student researching ranchers. Help me help ranchers

    I tend not to go to things in my area because it feels like they only want input from big shots or if its the government or utility companies putting something on then they definitely dont want any input because everything is already decided before the meeting.
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    Life is good!

    Didn't know your woman was sick but I'm happy to hear that she is better. Sucks being alone thats for sure.
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Its been between _20 and minus 35 for weeks now. With the wind chill it would be more like minus 40 or 50. One day it warmed up to minus 5 and the wind blew like crazy. Filled my corrals up with a glacier. The 12 by 5 foot picture window in my living room broke. The sparrows dropped dead from...
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    Neither Pro-Rodeo Or Ranch Rodeo Talked About Much Here

    If I was you I would be thankful my wife didn't want to spend all that money .😀
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    The elk herd

    There are a lot of ranch owners that could not get a job on someone else's outfit. What I mean is that in able to afford land they didn't make their money in agriculture. In Alberta a lot of rich guys buy ranch land. First thing they do is post it. Won't even let you trail cows across it. They...
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    The Bears and Critical Race Theory

    I watch survivor to try to learn about people. I have no social skills. I really don't have a lot of opportunity to be around people. Animals I understand. People I'm not really comfortable around unless its in a work environment. One on one is okay but crowds are harder. I watch that show and...
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    The Bears and Critical Race Theory

    There is a TV show called Survivor. I dont know if any of you watch it or not but for a while this season there was an all black alliance on it. All I could think of was if it was the other way around people would go nuts about it.
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    The elk herd

    Are they drinking or sleeping somewhere else? Around here they eat in the open and go back to there beds before daylight. They normally bed at high elevations in thick timber and deep snow where its cold,miserable and nothing tyo eat or drink until night time. That or they bed where no hunting...
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    What is you favorite movie?

    I'm not very high tech. I dont have internet. I only have internet when I go to the library so I can come on here and talk to you guys but the show hasn't been on TV for years but I dont know if you can get it on the internet or not. I remember it as being a really good show. It was believable...
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    State of Ag Canada/US Alike

    I kept back my hfr calves. I was about 2 months short on winter feed so I grazed a little harder. Now I'm going to start feeding again and I'm still about a month short on feed till may so I'm go to feed a little less often and see what happens. I have to find grass to rent next year or it...
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    What is you favorite movie?

    This wasn't a movie. It was on tv years ago. Been awhile since I watched it as reruns but I really liked it because it was rural (Western). But it wasn't just shootouts, although I do love John Wayne. It was kind of real. There wasn't really bad guys or stuff. Just normal people. It was called...