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    Hi from BC, Canada!

    Gcreek shows up over on CT fairly regularly. I will mention to him that he needs to show up over here every once in a while.
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    Another bad day for a little girls daddy

    Little girl don't stay little forever. I walked my last one down the isle in August. She was well past being a little girl but it still tugged the heart strings.
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    Finally got a loader

    The vast majority of hay in this area is put up in big squares. The people who do make round bales it is only for their use not for sale. The neighbor who I occasionally partner with on cow deals makes and buys big squares. I feed for him at times and hay that I buy would most like come from...
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    Finally got a loader

    I have another tractor with a loader but it is a New Holland TC55. It will pick a big bale but doesn't have much reach. Can't reach the top bale on a truck load. And it is short and narrow enough that one has to be real careful when up very high.
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    Finally got a loader

    I bought this Massey 390 while I was still over on the coast. Plan A was to mount a loader on it. But they wanted more for a new loader than I paid for the tractor. So after several years of trying I finally found a used loader in decent shape for an affordable price. It is a Farmhand F258...
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    Deer season

    Nicky, which unit are you in? I know a rancher on the other side of I-84 in the Lookout Mountain unit. He has 7,000 acres and didn't get a landowner preference tag. That is two times in 3 years that he didn't get a tag. I guarantee you nobody else is going to be hunting on his property. I...
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    Deer season

    I planned to take this buck out of the gene pool. He was on the short list last year but disappeared during season. He is a 3 1/2 year old buck. Three points on one side 4 on the other, 18 inches tall with a spread on top slightly less than 5 inches. He was in the hay field on opening...
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    Post a Ranch Photo!

    From last winter. No snow on the mountains yet.
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    Deciding where to buy land to start

    Eastern Washington wont get that cold. Well maybe occasionally but certainly not every year. But I will tell you the trouble in that area. Before I retired in Western Washington I searched a lot for a place in the east side of the state. That would have put me a lot closer to family. I...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone
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    Best Electric Fence Charger - GOT ONE. Another question about ground rods...

    One time I hit a fence that big Gallengher charger that puts out 16 joules. It was a religious experience. I hit it once. Never got within 10 feet of that fence again. I have 3 of those Parmak 12 volt solar chargers. They work well even in the winter. Whatever you get over do the ground...
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    National Finals Rodeo

    There is that!!!!!!
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    National Finals Rodeo

    One of the neighbors called on Monday to ask if I could feed for him for a few days. Of course I said no problem. Turned out that he was going to the NFR with his wife and his main hired man and wife were going too. I really don't mind lending a hand but they are in Las Vegas and I'm not...
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    Spaying heifers

    There are three of us putting together some light calves that will be running together in the spring and early summer. There will be both steers and heifers running together so we are talking about spaying the heifers. The theory is that this will prevent a heifer from coming in heat to be...
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    border collie puppies

    We got a pup about a month ago. The old dog is 12 now and has a bum wheel from a mauling she took a couple years ago. She still wants to work but certainly can't go to the hills to gather. This pup is a monster. I feel sorry for the barn cat and the old dog. She is a smart one but still has...
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    Pictures from our visit to the McGinnis Ranch near Baker City, Oregon - June 26, 2019

    Mine is pretty steep. I guess the sign on the road through my property that says watch out for bighorn sheep should have been a clue. But I am loving it here. Wish I had moved here 40 years ago.
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    Pictures from our visit to the McGinnis Ranch near Baker City, Oregon - June 26, 2019

    And I met Nicky and Mike the very next day. Being new here I have been over their direction yet. Their corner of the county looks a lot nicer than my corner.
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    What a surprise!

    It was nice to meet Nicky and Mike. I learned a lot at that weed tour and they certainly contributed to the discussion. After years of reading posts by people it is good to put a face with their name.
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    Burning daylight

    I still cringe when I hear someone say we're burning daylight. He must have said it 15 times that morning. The only daylight we were burning that morning was coming from a mercury vapor light in the barnyard. But.... oh to be a carefree 23 year old again.
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    Burning daylight

    Others seem to be sharing stories here so I thought I would throw one in. Burning Daylight by Dave Nygard Back in the spring of ’74 I had a rodeo-traveling partner who I will call Bob (names have been change to protect the guilty). He was from Montana. His parents had a big ranch in central...