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    Been awhile...

    They're itching to do their job.
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    Prince Albert

    I been up to meadow lake but don't remember prince albert country. Anyone familiar with say country 1 hr radius of Prince Albert mostly north?
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    sums it up for me

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    relatively recent pics

    2:30 am vandalism of old lothair elevator. cows pics from this later summer early fall. no trees is home place on baker massacre pasture. mtn place is retired old bull customer place that decided they wanted to lease it and still have herefords graze it! deep down i always wondered...
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    My arm...

    Don't hurt any. Not much twisting to get me to let them go. Sold a big load of str calves this am for late October delivery with one round shots and off the cow. 2.12 @ 535. 41 cents better than last year and 200/hd and change over last year too. Kinda crazy to think the very first load of...
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    The mind...

    Must run about a million rpm. Just love this time of year so much action so much to do so much life. Start calving for April first and around 5% left on the white faced mamas. Spent all morn on the big tractor prepping ground for oats and quit about 2 so I could get a load of oats cleaned...
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    Clean water act

    Short piece http://www.northernag.net/AGNews/AgNewsStories/TabId/657/ArtMID/2927/ArticleID/3013/Controversial-Clean-Water-Act-Rules-Released.aspx My old man likes to say.... "You just don't want to be the last one to sell out to the hoots". Now it sounds like you don't want to be the last to...
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    she was conceived...

    june 2011... but the idea of her was conceived march of 2007. kinda fun when those ideas aren't a total bust. looking forward to seeing how she pans out along with her full sisters. kinda like golf... you cuss and spit and break clubs but somehow seem to hit one good shot that makes you want...
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    Jinx er...

    Even tho you know which cows will have calves over the night and you could make tags for them before you go to bed and have them ready for the morning loop - I somehow think it will jinx them or if I take it for granted that she will have a live calf and taken care of it will play into it...
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    Does she think folks are that....

    Gullible.... Gullible, gullible... Gullible... Gullible?
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    McIntyre ranch

    The Marty ranch stuff and "overstocked" talk made me google the McIntyre ranch. I had read an article about the place and they said something to the effect they hadn't fed cows in like 60 or 70 yrs.... Something like that anyhow. Anyhow I enjoy reading history - pretty neat history on the...
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    need another head count...

    stanley nd bound. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktk79erWVjA
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    Good chuckle...

    Don't know where else to put this but listening to news at lunch time and hear couple reporters talking about Hillary and Obama differences of toughness on foreign policy. One fella says something to the effect - I think it's obvious Hillary is tougher whether it comes to foreign policy or a...
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    Owly bunch

    Phoned the MT BOL to inquire about formally putting issue on their agenda. Potential board acceptability of CAN tattoo vs brand on imports via Canada similair to other states... Anyhow the office sure is discouraging up front. Be curious what some of all you might have for comments on it...
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    Hereford and blacks...

    All in one chilly video. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YwEv01ekWso
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    National parks, blm, etc

    Got a call from promark - Houston. One of the questions they asked was something like - would a candidate advocating the sale of public land including national forest ground to put towards the debt appeal to you or not? Is that actually on the table?
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    some random pics...

    ... since gm88 made me log into photobucket. might as well make it worth it.
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    advertise hay?

    does anyone know a good place to advertise hay for sale?