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    Turned out heifer pairs

    That 'WESTERN cedar''is good material. When I lived in Prineville as a kid, we made forts in draw and greenhouses out of it.
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    Branding day morning

    Looks like it is working out well. Very glad for you
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    Fuel prices near you- Thanks Biden

    It really has nothing to do with shortages and everything to do with opportunity. Has any supplier actually ran short of fuel? Big oil taught the packers how to run prices in their favor
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    Fuel prices near you- Thanks Biden

    The guy that winters my cows checked on red dye last week and it was $5.05 bull delivery. But, it got interesting. They called him back that after and said it dropped 40 cents. On the way to his place the same distributor has a Pacific Pride with one set of pumps that has a credit card. They...
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    The rest of the story

    I saw a middle of the sale bull go for $47,500 this weekend in Ellensburg. First two bulls went for $18,500 and $13,500 respectfully. All it takes is a second or third bidder in Love with the same one.
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    And it begins

    Fantastic. I’ve been picking up some for the guy that winters and calves my cows. Been really conservative though as he has his parameters he’s given me. I got two older cows full black I turned to him for $675 out of Roseburg that were just under $1,000 pounds. One had a char calf the next...
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    My Dad is gone

    Sincere and Genuine Prayers for you and your family
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    70’s that is
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    Hello again. You in Central Oregon then? I was just in Culver a few days ago. Certainly changes fast. I was a child In Prineville in the 79’s
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    I started wearing rain gear to keep my pants from getting muddy, especially as I pull cattle out of the west side
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    I have some pasture south of Turner. The duck ponds the guy manages to sell hunts are filling fast. They got pretty low
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    Not fit for man nor beast

    I just paid $98/ton for some creeping red fescue grass straw. Vegetable screening and irrigated stockpile pasture will be our saving grace
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    Bull rider killed in auto accident

    I live about 6 miles from this. It’s really sad
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    Prayers for Soapweed

    Still praying. Thanks for the update
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    Prayers for Soapweed

    Thanks for letting us know. Sincere and Genuine Prayers
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    Honest Question

    I’d agree both are new technologies. I weighed risks. Before Biden proclaimed, “If you are vaccinated you are safe and don’t need to wear a mask “, there were so few people out I could mitigate this with hygiene, distancing and a mask. Soon after hotels were full and people were acting pretty...
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    Could this be?

    I’m willing to talk with him
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    Could this be?

    Maybe. Does he have any rib eye ultrasound information on the marbling?
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    Haines rodeo

    I’m more of a fan of D&B and NW Farm Supply But, they are all different and unique
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    Could this be?

    I have 3 Wagyu’s at the house. One is an open 4 year old high percentage cow. One is a high percentage heifer and one is an F-1 heifer. I have the F-1 sold to a guy that is from Portland and insistent on grain fed. The cow is sold to a butcher shop we supply and I think the other will go here...