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    Time for a new trailer

    I have a 2015 Wilson that I bought new after pulling a steel trailer for 28 years. Looking at other brands of used trailers and talking to Wilson owners convinced me to buy the Wilson. I ordered mine with a flat floor because I wanted to put mats in it. The door latch doesn't wrap around the...
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    THOUGHTS ON WIND ENERGY by Steve Moreland, June 12, 2016

    Good post Soapweed. What a waste of taxpayer dollars, power companies invest in them only because of the subsidies. They have to have backup power for when the wind doesn't blow just as we have to for our stock water windmills. I wouldn't want them on my place or my neighbors.
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    Oklahoma rancher dragged to death by calving cow

    I'll bet he had pulled calves that way before with out a thought of what could happen.
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    If the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be....

    Sounds a little high to me. How long did it take them to do the job? The well service I use would have that done in about an hour. Adding a foot valve is new to me since the cylinder already has one. I usually don't replace cylinders unless they are damaged and replacing leathers won't fix them.
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    I use either net wrap or plastic twine depending on the type of hay. I prefer the polypropylene twine because it lasts longer and is easier to get off the bales. I like net wrap for barley hay. I pull it all and put it in the burn pile.
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    What did the PRCA do?

    The NFR will be on CBS sports channel 158 on Dish and channel 221 on Direct TV. 8 pm to 11 pm Mountain time.
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    Steel post fences

    Thanks Big Muddy, I'm going to have to try them in places where the snow causes problems.
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    Stock trailers

    I really like the 24' Wilson I traded for this year. I got it with the flat floor option so I could put mats in it to make it better to haul horses. Another nice feature on the Wilson is the slam catch on the back gate, makes it easy to get the lever latch closed on a full load of cattle. All...
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    Wishing you a very happy and blessed birthday! We are blessed by all that you share on here
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    We are not ready for this!

    Started snowing about 7 am here and has kept it up all day. with the wind blowing it around I would guess at least 4 inches. I'm not even close to being ready for this. :(
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    Letter to Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska

    Great letter, I feel the same way about voting and what happens when the chips are down in Washington.
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    Obituary of Robert Jennings Moreland

    Sorry for your loss, Bob left quite a legacy for the younger generations to follow.
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    Backcountry mountain road trip - July 13, 2014 - Part Two

    I was down in that area for the first time over the 4th of July. My wife's aunt and uncle ranch south of Tensleep. Interesting country with lots of history.
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    I had a JD 530 for 25 years and moved up to a JD 568 last year. The 568 will handle way more hay than the 530. I haven't had any problems baling light hay, as little as half a bale an acre. I run throttled down a little most of the time.
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    My journal entry for Thursday, June 13, 1968

    The term is used here too. Mostly I use a big rock to tie the fence down to. A lot of places around here the soil type will eat up the wire on a dug in dead man in a couple of years. I have a few let downs in my fence too.
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    Branding Etiquette

    I usually cut at the brandings I go to along with a little roping. I try to let all the ropers rope at my brandings, I'll rope a little if I have a new horse that hasn't been roped on much so he'll be ready to use at others brandings.
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    May 24 - 25, 2014

    Its great to see you on a horse again, Soap. Good pictures of your crew at work.
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    We’re Closer to a Civil War in the West than You Think

    Here is an excellent Op-Ed piece written by a Montana rancher. http://www.aleteia.org/en/politics/article/be-warned-were-closer-to-a-civil-war-in-the-west-than-you-think-5337140405731328
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    Bundy Ranch

    I wonder if there previous law that requires them to coordinate with local law? Would take a lot more digging into the law to find out.
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    Good Sunday Mornin'

    Thanks Shortgrass for a reminder of what really matters.