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    http://www.bfro.net/GDB/show_report.asp?id=24426 This is funny & sad & has little to do with ranching . This guy showed up In my yard one winter day . He is a bigfoot hunter He wanted me to listen to his sound files that they had taped that fall . What you are hearing is 14 herd bulls & 5 jack...
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    maxi graze alfalfa

    Anybody plant this in 2011
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    sainfoin,remont ?

    Anybody growing this stuff ? I bought a 10 # bag for a test plot the deer at it into the ground . Needs no fertalizer . lives forever they claim .[/url][/list]
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    Age a horse

    Pull a tail hair out of a horse , 1 with no cracks or splits in it a ft long about . You need a gold ring & glass . put the the hair through the ring .Pick up the ends of the hair in in your index finger & thumb of each hand . Now lower the ring into the glass so it hangs free on the hair in the...
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    Ranchin with wolves

    Any of you guys have trouble with them ? I have a cure
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    neospora caninum

    This is a good time of year to refresh this info . Most ranchers can tell you everything there is to know about BVD. virus . But not so many know this one . You ever find a dead newborn calf & say what happened here ? Or a cow that was bred in the fall & never calved ? & if you kept that cow to...