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    Can you sense the tied has turned?

    "Move slowly, carefully --- and then strike like the fastest animal on the planet!" inspiring all the awe and fear of a drunken duck.........
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    Wild Hogs!!!

    you don't have to be crazy to get in a Robinson, but it does help. Always take lotsa shells and an autoloader, in case you want to shoot the pilot several times on the way down.....
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    2018 life from the Leanin' H

    You are a rich Man~!
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    Predator Priests and the longterm coverups

    "ARE YOU A NON-BELIVER??? IN OTHER WORDS "AN ATHEIST"." Or maybe just somebody who believes the 'shepherds' are supposed to nurture the flock, not 'flock' them? Catholic church has protected pedophiles for hundreds of yrs. When thousands of cases are handled the same--covered up, priests...
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    INTERESTING ENCOUNTER AT THE SALE BARN, by Steve Moreland, September 8, 2018

    Seems like if I'm with somebody I interact with them, alone tend to do it with strangers. And pretty friendly to strangers. Last 3 were 2 gals with b.c. plates , but they'd rented car in Vancouver and were from Brisbane. The rough looking bikers--- on nice bikes tho--hell, they were firemen...
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    missing my red toyota truck

    Got little red parked for minor mechanical issue, hauled by it today--dandy little outfit, our operation similar to this.... https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=yfp-t&p=australia+bugger+me+toyota+commercial#id=51&vid=09576dcbf09b973115b177d4637a57d2&action=click
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    Interesting Read

    What do newer mowers have for guards? Still got a farmall A with mounted mower here--'36 or so---mow driveway and ditches very occasionally with it. Single heavy guard with ledger plate.
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    Interesting Read

    I look at new swathers and wonder "did they think they were building a combine, or what?!" them things are huge, hi powered and priced accordingly. And to replace the mower I started out with?! What you're doing makes total sense to me---and i'll bet sundrying full width for a bit beats...
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    Fire Truck Fiasco, by Steve Moreland, May 28, 2018

    It did have---not sure if anything's been robbed. State put in a fire service area, with fees---we finally got some money to work with. So had that loaned out to rancher, but I see it's back---and setting outside. (I retired from dept) I'll look at what's left on it and ask if they want to...
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    Fire Truck Fiasco, by Steve Moreland, May 28, 2018

    Nope---no title included. Supposedly, when some govt agency furnished it they said 'and we don't want it back!" I used to take it, didn't want to be the first to put ding in new truck--we'd rebuilt an old wide block 318 I'd donated and it ran out about 80--and drove good with long wheelbase...
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    Fire Truck Fiasco, by Steve Moreland, May 28, 2018

    Good story--but, c'mon Paul Harvey---what'd the truck sell for after all the worryin'? ps--our dept has about '61 4 door dodge powerwagon, allegedly owned by civil defense. Wanna buy it?
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    automatic or standard

    When they get to the bottem, do they have to pull the cab, sandblast the box and let all the air outa the spare to change an injector?
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    2019 GM half ton to come standard with a 4 banger

    Does the rest of Canada still say 'learners permit, 'eh?" when they spot a sasky license plate?
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    Can't seem to find it---do you know the date for this yr? Buffalo's a favorite--thanks~~
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    My buddy's kid was working on getting one of his out, just the other day. The technique was 'tie string to tooth, tie other end of string to arrow, shoot arrow........" Was looking for better string, when last seen...
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    MILK COW MEMORIES, by Steve Moreland, April 18, 2018

    A foot in the bucket, a tail in the face, a cow bloated in alfalfa field. PItch hay in, shovel gutter out. Most excitement was probably Mom being attacked by a Canadian goose we raised, who'd become 'boss of the barnyard' She counterattacked with bucket of milk, most of which ended up on her...
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    Bred cows cycling

    Ya---and some years more than others. Hormones was my thought too.
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    Calves grinding teeth

    Teeth grinding can be a sign of pain--but I doubt it in this case. Seems like the worst thing to do with bottle calves is overfeed them or make the mix too rich. If they're still hungry, maybe let them fill up on warm water
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    good team...

    there's some thought and experience went into designing that