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    The Weather What's Ahead

    dense fog here this morning. Visability is only a few hundred yards. Had a few sprinkles and light showers over the weekend but hardly anything that could be measured. I did put my rain gauge out now, may have to bring it back in if it gets down to freezing temperature again Looks like we...
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    67 years ago

    My Dad, My brother, and I were out shocking grain in the field 3/4 mile east of our home on what we called the Rock Quarter. We had our old 1936 ford, the family car out there. For some reason about 10:30 or 11 oclock we decided to go back to the house, I don't remember why. maybe we ran out...
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    Shovel Foot Toads

    Well they are not quite as numerous as in the 2nd plague, but since all the rain this season we have numerous small toads. I believe they are the Plains Shovel foot. The past few years there has been a decline in the numbers of the other toads and frogs here, have only seen a very few of the...
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    Do we really need to raise the debt ceiling?

    Do we even need a debt ceiling? Couldn't we just solve the problem by always having a balanced budget? If we spend over budget find ways to correct it. Isn't that the way we all do our business. When the government puts borrowed money in the economy, issues IOUs, or prints paper money...
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    Disgustingly true

    Thought provoking essay that was sent to me by a friend. I thought you all might enjoy it also: Charley Reese's final column for the Orlando Sentinel... He has been a journalist for 49 years. He is retiring and this is HIS LAST COLUMN. Be sure to read the Tax List at the end. This is about...
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    Winter again

    four or five inches of snow here this morning. Had some rain ahead of the snow so there is ice underneath, the ground is warm so that may not be bad for long. 31 degrees this morning. Some wind but not much drifting. Looks like the storm has mostly moved out to the east, at least for now.
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    I don't usually give much credit to Obama, but I do think he showed a bit of leadership with this tax issue. True, it is just a 2 year extension with a bunch of concessions to satisfy the liberals, but it is a win win for the people. The down side is the same thing will have to be resolved in...
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    2550 New Holland Windrower

    Has anyone had any experience with these danged things. I have had this thing for about 11 years. I am having a lot of trouble with hydraulic leaks. wasn't to bad the first few years but now it's going to far. One wheel motor had been causing trouble, now it is sort of under control but I...
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    Whar is This Weeks contest ?

    what is this weeks contest? Is it old tractors? or something different
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    John Thune

    There is an article on Thune on CNN this morning. He may be a man to watch. Maybe it is just that he is from my state, but he seems to be a common sense guy. Maybe like Sara Palin.
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    Analysis of the Joe Wilson Moment

    His outburst was outragious and stupid. Still it puts what the American public feels all into a single capsule. Are our politicians really concerned that everyone can receive adequate health care and medical attention, or are they just concerned about affordable insurance. Are there really...
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    Are we building on Sand?

    I do not see a firm foundation under America anymore. I have always believed that our production, our resources, our people with foresight, drive, and ambition, and our social values were the things behind our success. We are no longer a productive nation, we have to many free-riders who...
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    What is this bird?

    There is a bird, or birds here that looks like a Dove. A little smaller and some slimer then a Mourning Dove. It has a light brown breast and back, it's wings are a bit darker. It's call is cuk-eroo-cuk. Haven't seen or heard it until the last couple of years. Comes here early about mid...
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    Obama is backtracking.

    Obama said he would get the troops out of Iraq in sixteen months, now it is nineteen. He still plans to have perhaps as many as 50,000 in Iraq after that time. No, I am not blaming Obama for that, others were glossing it over, now he has to face reality. I do blame those of us who believed him.
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    The Election

    The election results may already be decided, but it is still believed the election will be close. Everyone wonders about the undecided voter. Most of us will vote for whoever looks good, sounds good , or makes us feel good. I don't know if that is the right way to choose a president. We are...
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    How I will vote

    McCain made a good point. I am not George Bush!! This is a time we need to look ahead, not back. The way I see it the next president will be faced with more problems than any president since FDR. Number 1 is still the threat of more attact by terrorists. There could be another 9/11 or...
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    Grasshoppers and Blackbirds

    A lot of small grasshoppers are making their appearance here now. No the large yellow ones with wings that fly in or come with the wind, but small light colored ones about 1/2 to 3/4 inches long. I believe they must have hatched here. I believe that an unbalance in their food suuply...
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    Rain her this morning so I won't go to the ha field for a while.
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    Back on the board of Rancher's net

    Hello: I am back on the board again with a little different username and e-mail address. I had trouble with my computer and with the sender I was using, so have been off this board for a few months now. I have a different computer and a different sender now. I don't know what the problem was...