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    Bred cows cycling

    Curious if anyone has seen this before a week ago had to different cows in standing heat yesterday and today both calved calves are fine .cows never bagged up or swelled up just had calves.maybe hormones just curious if anyone else ever observed this
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    Telling the agricultural story

    This was made about a hour from home with iowa beef council dollars.https://youtu.be/Do2o33-gZaU
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    Calving in the cold

    Just curious at what temperature other folks lock cows up in the barn or throw the calves in the calf warmer? I guess below 20 is kind of my threshold
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    Little helpers

    granpa bought each boy there own cow so they thought they ought to haul mineral
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    Heifer development

    What are your folks hfr development programs like just curious looking for some different ideas thanks
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    optimism for 2016

    Just a little story here been kind of stressed with the weather and markets no different than anyone else when on news year day went to chore and was feeding some fall calving cull cows I've been meaning to sell and there was a new calf standing to nurse don't know why or how it happened but for...
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    hereford birth weight s

    Is 94 pounds high for hereford birth weight has 3.7 birth weight epd
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    Preg checked Fri two open out of 53 . Worked 30 HD of fall calves. Got hfrs sorted off into calving lot ready to see my ai calves couple springing hard. I love this time of year.
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    insure Angus bull

    Bred my heifers to connelly insure heard rumor of shorter gestation wondered if anyone has had any experience with him
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    breeding red cows

    question for the genetic geniuses out there. acquired some more grass this summer so I bought some nice red pairs primarily red angus some have some simmy and others a touch of gelvy . rolling them in to a fall deal should I breed them Hereford or angus. with the Hereford I ll get red baldies...
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    update on hfrs

    well I took the advice given on the hfrs I got them AI ed used the insure bull out of genex so we will see the resuts . still using the destion grandson as a clean up. has any one used insure before just curious what to expect don't really like is look but he was +19 on calving ease and his...
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    question for angus folks

    I have a angus bull who goes back to B/r destination for grand sire, Gt shear force maternal grand sire his ced is a +1 presently and it started as a +5 would he be safe on heifers. have four bulls already don't want to buy another for 5 head of hfrs. hfrs are sim angus and herf angus cross. thanks
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    question for hereford guys

    I m a commercial guy and have been using Herefords for 7 years now and have had great luck with them. I bought a older cs boomer 29f son last fall I ve had some intrest in semen on him is this a line that would be sought after and how do I go about it I'll try to get a couple pics of him but he...
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    how are things around the country

    wish the rain would space out a little so dad could get his corn and beans planted and maybe get started mowing hay. never will complain about to much moisture again after last year .cows are chest deep in grass and bulls are turned out ready to get in the routine of summer checking cows and...
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    sick calf question

    Have a 2 month old calf with the runs for the last 2 weeks green in color and at times stands with his tail cocked straining treated him a couple of times with nuflor turned him to grass 2 days ago he was laying down chewing his cud but has some sores on his rump today .any Idea what this is...
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    livestock trailer question

    I have a steel keifer built trailer with a wood floor . the floor seems to be excessively slick I ve tried wood chips and sand so nothing goes down didn't know if anybody had any ideas to fix this problem .
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    any experiance with hay express self unloading trailers

    looking at buying a hay express self unloading trailer didn't know if any one had used one and loved it or hated it
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    rain today

    recived the first measureable rain fall to day for the first time in about 2 months. we got about a inch today not a enough but a good start. we were about 3 weeks from having to start supplmenting cows. This spring it wouldn't stop raining and it drove me up the wall. I tell you after 2 months...
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    figured out the pics

    I'd like all your opinions on this two year old bull I bought this spring . I finally got the pictures figured out
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    pictures of new bull

    Son is home sick so while he is napping thought I d see what you all thought of this two year old bull I bought this spring . I really like him he is sired by a bull named boduacious from berber or barber cattle co of texas his epds read like this BW WW YW M...