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    Banding calves at birth?

    Planning ahead I was thinking about banding the calves at birth when I tag. Anybody do this and do you give them any shots to prevent any sickness? Just thinking of ways to speed up branding this year because I will have a lot on my plate around that time this year. We knife cut all our calves...
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    swath grazing?

    Have a circle of irrigated BMR feed that i drilled after we took our wheat off this summer. Never really grew liked i hoped had to keep the water on the soybeans. Had a killing freeze last week before I had a chance to go in and swath it down. Now I cant decide if I should just leave it stand...
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    Sold last group of calves last week

    I had small group of calves that where late calves (14HD) that I took to the sale last week. 789lbs steer calves sold for 1.71 had a big pair at 898 at 1.63. Then my heifers at 888 1.65 sure wish I had a 100hd at those prices :D
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    Please shut the door!

    You guys up north please shut the door it's been alittle windy down here! Couple days ago it blew 45-60 and man was the dirt blowing, now today it blowing 25-40 and dirt still blowing. A lot of bad fatal car wrecks two days ago also.
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    Rates for renting corn/milo stalks

    What's the going rate for stalk rental? We have 160 acres of milo stalks that we don't need for our own use and was thinking of renting them out. Don't really want to supply care but could. The 160 acres would be made up of two different fields with one with water and the other without. Was...
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    Sold calves today!

    Sold calves today and think we did pretty good. Big end of steers weighted in at 856 brought 1.60 and big end of heifers 775 1.53. Calves were weaned for 47 days, had some oat hay that we ground and feed with some rolled milo. Sure didn't think they looked that big in the pen, when the sale barn...
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    Oat Haylage

    We planted 260 acres of oats and thinking of chopping and bagging it. Just wanting to know if anyone have heard of any prices floating around on price for oat silage? Planted a variety called Magnum, last year a guy planted some that ended up 5ft tall. Alot of guys around here took corn ground...
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    Bull hauler wreck

    Had a very interesting morning today. The past 2 weeks almost every day we have had a feedlot hauling cattle by our place 8 trucks strong. Today one of their drivers got close to the shoulder drove about 100 feet then tried to jerk it back on the road and over turned it in the ditch. Had 40 head...
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    Spring time weather

    Going to be a interesting couple of days. Had a good rain along with golf ball size hail. County to the north has a tornado warning along with a winter storm warning for tonight and tomorrow. Hate to say it but we where without storms last spring and summer I really enjoyed the hail tonight.
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    Has anyone used this? Comes in two forms a bolus capsule or a concentrated powder to help with feeding high nitrate feed. Got out test back on our BMR feed and the nitrates are in 3000 range. Had our vet tell us about this product, but dont have alot of guys around here use the stuff before...
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    Baling Failed corn?

    This was brought up a few months ago. Wanted to see if anyone did some and how it turned out. Have 340 acres of dry land corn that we are going to disaster out and thinking of either chopping it or put it up in round bales or sale it right in the field. Had the corn tested for nitrates came back...
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    Is it to early to be ready for winter?

    They are calling for over 100 temps for the next week. Today was terrible 95 with 25-30 mph winds. Good for wheat cutting have just 250 acres left to cut out of 1500. Thank god we got over a 1" of rain last week, it won't last long but at least we had that.
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    Looking at buying a UTV

    Thinking about buying a UTV (rather the grandparents would like to have one to give the grandkids a ride in) I know alot of guys on here have one and really like them. What are some of the better models. Looked at a polaris ranger xp 800, and a john deere one (the JD dealer sales both that i...
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    Calf ?

    Had a calf last night that can't bend his front legs straight and is bow legged. Talked to a vet today that said you could give him 10cc of LA200 through a IV to losen his tendons, but from what he said dont count on that working. My question for everyone is, has anyone had this, and what could...
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    Calf Prices

    Went to the cattle sell today a lot of 5 to 6 weight calves brought $1200 a head today. Sure wish I still had mine and hope these prices stay next year.
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    Man-Saver T-Post Drivers

    Has anyone used one of these things? The one that I looked at was made by Rohrer Manufacturing, its a air driven you can buy one that is propane also. They come in about 4 diffrent sizes up to 3 1/2 dia. for driving guard rail and drill stem pipe. Its $800 and the basic T-Post driver is $450...
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    Hay price

    Wandering what some of the prices are around for all types of hay. Just sold millet hay for $140 a ton. Heard around that alfalfa is going for $200 a ton around here.
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    Is this the end of brands?

    Article that was in the paper today. Not sure what to think. PRINT   EMAIL   28 COMMENTS STORY STATS DENVER AND THE WEST As U.S. turns to ear tags over brands, cattle ranchers fear end of tradition By Colleen O'Connor The Denver Post POSTED: 07/30/2011 01:00:00 AM MDT Ordway rancher John...
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    All Texans Have a Wild Hog?

    I was out checking sprinklers this morning and caught a glimps of a wild hog running back into the corn field right behind the sprinkler. First time I have seen them in out part of the country, have been seen about 20 miles east of our place. What would be the best method for catching them...
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    Gas Pickups vs Diesel

    I know this has been brought up before but just wanted some more input on guys that use gas pickups. I have a 01 duramax and this last moth has been bad. New injectors, blown head gaskett and now I have a valve that is bad or a bad valve seat. Pickup has 215000 just thinking its time to cut and...