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    Mid March 2015

    Those kids have cornered the market on big, beautiful blue eyes!
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    My journal entry for Monday, January 22, 1968

    That stinks about Facebook! Your entries have historical value, a first hand account of life in a certain place and time. Diaries and journals are a treasure when you look back at history. And there is nothing in yours that isn't G rated or "non PC".
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    Fall and Winter

    That first shot looks like a brochure shot, just beautiful. And so are your girls, them holding hands while the horses touch noses is just precious.
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    too many pics...

    RA, glad to see ya back! Another great set of shots. Your country always looks so familiar, got a friend up around Eagleville and that's how his land looks. And it looks a lot like that around here once you get up out of the river bottoms too. What kind of hogs are those?
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    My journal entry for Sunday, January 21, 1968

    Thanks for the new installment. Your outfit doesn't sound that outlandish for 1968. The country singers were wearing rhinestone suits; bright colors and bold patterns were "in".
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    Re-runs for some----

    Beautiful, thanks! Going into that super narrow canyon would have creeped me out. One rock falls, you're stuck.
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    January 2015 photographs

    Loved grandma's pajama party. What a nest of cute kids!
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    The Meat Industry's Worst Nightmare

    What a bunch of hooey! That UN so called study which said meat production was so bad for the environment has been debunked all over the place, for years now. And who is on this mysterious "panel that advises the government" that is influencing USDA? Something doesn't smell right here.
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    Puppy pics

    Great lookin pup. I am not familiar with the breed, looks like they have more bone and "sturdiness" than a border collie.
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    Cattle on highway

    About 10 miles up the highway there is a Longhorn herd, the guy has a bunch of them. Driving home in the dark a couple weeks ago, something catches my eye and it's a big Longhorn standing on the shoulder of the road. Slow down, can't swerve because there is an oncoming car. Then I see the...
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    H Leaves the Desert!!!

    Thanks for the pics! I also had to go to Philly one time for work, but I was not on a high enough pay grade to get a rental car, the folks at the office I was working at drove me. I was there for 3 days and all I saw was the airport, hotel, and office. Bunch of inhospitable twerps never even...
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    Obituary of Robert Jennings Moreland

    Sorry for your family's loss. His legacy lives on in all of you, and even to some small degree in all of us who have been fortunate to share your family via this site.
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    August 19 - 26, 2014

    You are a very dedicated photographer to take an "in case I don't make it" selfie! Glad your procedure went so well.
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    Mid August 2014

    Congrats on the new grand-baby, she's a doll!
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    Sunflower's thougthts - Just Move It

    A sound reminder not to get stuck in a rut, and well written.
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    pretty special to me

    4 generations of a family having fun together, a 92 yr old who can still ride, and good horseflesh. It doesn't get any better.
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    Choose anything but BEEF

    I never said "feed the world", I was thinking of the 300+ million mouths right here in this country. Again, I have no problem with small producers. I am one! The more people who get involved in agriculture and become part of their own food chain, the better. The more the "generations away...
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    Choose anything but BEEF

    Oh, great, just when the public gets over the "pink slime" debacle, here comes a piece of work to make them feel like they are killing the planet to eat a hamburger. Purecountry, I am fine and dandy with alternative methods for raising and finishing beef, but it's hardly accurate to call the...
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    Update from our daughter Sunflower in London, May 13, 2014

    It sure is nice to have my humble opinion reinforced by the Dean of Wimbleton Art College. Projects by Sunflower that have been posted here were very impressive, she really is talented. She made fine art out of cake! I remember seeing one painting that looked professional, too. And she's...
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    Vegan Eyes Opened

    Gotta give the young lady credit for having an open mind and using her own analytical thought process instead of blind loyalty to the propaganda that made her go vegan in the first place. Wish all the misguided people who have been made to believe that modern farming is so bad could take a tour...