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  1. J

    Wishing you........

    Merry Christmas everyone
  2. J

    Word Association Game

    suck it up
  3. J

    stormtracker--up to 20" snow, 4" rain

    1.6" here last night. just over 6" this month. heard of one tornado that touched down just west of camp crook, sounded like some property damage but no one was injured. getting the hay put up might be a battle this year, but there are worse problems to have. :wink:
  4. J

    CIDRs and natural service

    for the season, yes..in 24 hours, i doubt it.
  5. J

    Sold last group of calves last week

    none of us have enough when prices are what they are :wink: congrats on a good sale :tiphat:
  6. J

    Word Association Game

  7. J

    Word Association Game

  8. J

    Tag or don't tag???

    same here
  9. J


    thinking of you and your family jody
  10. J

    Which sale to put in for?

    from what i've seen the last few years the guys that sold early wish they would have waited. i normally sell a little later. but either way they are worth a lot of money and i don't think you can go wrong one way or the other. we all know being greedy and hoping for a little more can backfire.
  11. J


    had a couple sets of twins so far and after about 5 days of packing one or the other clear across the pasture to find mom, i pulled them and brought them to the barn.. kids needed more chores anyways. :wink:
  12. J

    The long days aren't bad

    gas go boom, tire go far? :wink: :lol:
  13. J

    Word Association Game

    round pen
  14. J

    26 days........

    so has the slow part began yet? :wink:
  15. J

    26 days........

    roughly 70% done here at 22 days.
  16. J

    Word Association Game

    wet suit
  17. J

    Early start to winter

    35 here this morning with a 30mph SE wind…was a little chilly tagging calves this am.
  18. J

    Word Association Game

    common sense
  19. J


    very sorry for your loss
  20. J

    7 months of winter

    at about noon yesterday we were at just under 1.5 inches.