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    What would your advice be? Spray or not to spray...

    I would find out your PH level first , 6.5or better for alfalfa . is important & potash. if its low I would spread Pell lime on it , It might take all summer for the little alfalfa plants to get a root in the ground & grow . If it wont make a hay crop I would just clip the field with a mower...
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    JB Tractors, Brandon Minnesota

    I asked the local Jd dealer here about those tractors & he said don't bring it here if you by one , we don't have the micro fish for them for parts & we cant fix them .
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    preg check trainwreck

    Neospora Caninum can do that to cows , there is a blood test for it
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    Calf problem. Anybody seen this before?

    how related are the cows of the effected calves ? sisters
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    problems wit nh 644

    I think there is a timing adjustment on the auto tie if its like a 855
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    June, one of the best Months of the year.

    Very nice pics
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    problems wit nh 644

    what drives the tie arm ?
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    JD 7410 question

    I had a deal like that on a case IH , on it it was circuit breakers for the forward reverser that were weak , there in the fuse box on mine
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    Downer Cow...

    there is a mechanical lift you can buy it clamps over the hip bones & has a hook in middle for a chain ( cow lift ) Had a heifer down for 6 weeks once from a bad calving one day she got up & walk away . Its hard to keep them dry & clean while they repair them selves . Never used the lift on one...
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    Measures taken to warm cattle/protect from cold?

    If you put something on a newborn calf that changes its smell its mother will not take it back . years ago the neighbors bought some little wool calf blankets 12 of them . Used them all 1 stormy night by the next day all the cows disowned their calves ...........The cute little blankets all...
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    Herniated Navel

    A few years ago the neighbor had 1 the intestines were out & torn , they took it to the vet & she put it back together & it lived just fine . That 1 was hard to believe .
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    PTSD in Cows

    wolves are a definitive host of neospora caninum there is no way that livestock & wolves can co-exist
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    Becoming a ranch hand

    I would spend a summer on a ranch & haying crew & part of a calving season . Before I went & invested in an Ag School. Make sure that's what you want first . 1 more thing there are no Sundays west of the Mississippi .
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    Freeze branding questions

    I use liquid nitrogen & 3.5 inch irons , 26 seconds makes the best brand for me , up to 30 if the wind is blowing hard . my ranch brand is made of sandcast aluminum , I would say the failure rate on the aluminum brand is far less that the brass #s .............. we still get 1 out of about 30...
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    contaminated meat at Walmart

    Puts a whole new meaning on a foxy piece of a$$ don't it? Just what seasoning would you use on that ?.........Some kind of rub I suppose
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    John Deere 6400

    could have a bad fuel shut off switch , if its electric .or carbon under the valves if the tractor isn't used hard it will build carbon & hold the valves open . The started could be rusty & not make a good ground thru the starter to the engine block . your timing on the engine could be off...
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    Life is Good

    we had a deal like that here a few years back . Neighbors calves were being ate up & the federal boys said it was coyotes not wolves . When all the covers were pulled back it was a collared wolf that had been released 3 miles from this guys ranch 2 years ago & had been in the area grazzin on...
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    Tyranny. A good read.....

    This hits the nail right on the head ............Its not about wolves its about power over the people . Ask yourself is this my land ? do I own my land ? You not like the answer you get . These programs are distributed by a nameless faceless government with no responsibilities' or liability
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    What a deal/Ordeal

    I had a deal like that this fall , I went out to move hay with my 4 bale picker I put 1 bale in it & the tractor wouldn't pick it up . Pull away from the bale it went up & down just fine . After 3 hours of tearing into my tractors hydraulic systems nothing had changed !!!!!!!!!The bale picker...
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    Birdsfoot trefoil

    those are 1500 #bales sorry it early