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    Wildy Wrabbit

    I was just in over night, probably could have stayed another day but felt pretty good and wanted to be home in my own bed. It's stiffened up a but but who knows what they did getting it out. Just part of the healing process.
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    Wildy Wrabbit

    11% would be a step up from my usual 10%
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    Wildy Wrabbit

    Had my thyroid out Tuesday morning. It was down in my chest, they got it out from behind my collar bone. Still got my voice just on light duty for a bit more.
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    Wildy Wrabbit

    I was trying to remember who got cut with a beer bottle at the Bengough Stampede back in the day. It was a PRCA rodeo just after Calgary so it got some top hands. I don't remember if it was a local, a cowboy or a clown acquired a big scar on his neck
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    Ranch picture

    Are you enjoying your new ranch location?
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    A couple more gone

    I saw where Buster Welch passed away also Kurt Markus an amazing photographer of the western way of life.
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    After Ranching, Then What?

    I don't want to see you topless.o_O
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    Branding today

    The older you get the bigger those bulls look.
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    Hay Heat & Hats

    as long as you're happy and it keeps the sun off
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    Branded the big bunch

    Sorry to here about the shingles. They are brutal.
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    Hay Heat & Hats

    https://americanhat.net/ Cowboy hats. https://americanhatmakers.com/ different companies
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    Hay Heat & Hats

    Yes There must be more then one which is strange. American Hats are a Texas company I think. I was wearing a Silver Belly American when I met my wife. Still have it but all it attracts now is flies.
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    Tomorrow Fun Day

    I think you might have a foot of tail in the big loop roping if you were using a standard 30 ft rope. They use a hand full of rope for it.
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    Texas Farm Tours?

    Where about in Canada are you from?
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    Antique Barbed Wire History and ID

    Anybody priced Barbed wire lately? I think the old stuff will stay up a little longer
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    Burned a little hair

    H is you put the brand on tipped over do it from the top side your not reaching over the whole calf to do it. My daughter and I brand all our calves our selves. She pushes and I catch, tip and process we aren't much over a minute a calf average.. We do smaller bunches when we have pairs we haul...
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    Burned a little hair

    I remember old Soapweed giving anybody that didn't rope the gears, They had a great system for a small crew to rope with his wheels on the bale deck arms but as time went on we got to see Soap riding a Side x side and using a calf table. I loved old Soap but I kind of hope he swallowed hard on...
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    Antique Barbed Wire History and ID

    Our place was fenced in 1910, Dad said it was second hand wire then.
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    Uniform or Costume?

    I stopped there back about 2001. I was pulling a 20ft gooseneck when I pulled in there had to back out onto the highway to get out of there.
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    Uniform or Costume?

    We seem to have so much wind anymore a hat an be a struggle. I enjoy a good straw hat in the summer but they cost a fortune now as well. I keep a nice hat for the special occasion, the next one down for cattle buying and road tripping and a oldest most beat up for every day. If it was all horse...