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    The Obama clown gets back in the saddle

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    Invention wanted

    I would like an economical weed eater that attaches to a 4-wheeler to trim under fences. Does anybody make such a thing?
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    Faster Horses

    Re; Soapweed's 10/19 thread. Sunflower with her "nephew." I made the same mistake a few weeks ago. Soap, you're other grandchild is of the female persuasion, right?
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    I know that grandparents can be insufferable,

    but I just became one for the first time so it's my turn. Levi Joseph Murphy born 2am this morn. 7lb 4.6oz and 19" Mother and baby doing well, Dad 'survived' and 'Papa Cookie' bustin' buttons. BTW been keeping my eye on a couple of cuties in the Sandhills. Might have to take grandson on a...
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    ATV question

    What do you have and what would you recommend? Have looked at an Arctic Cat 550 and a Honda Rancher and could use some wise advice.
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    Good news/Bad news

    First the good news. Sold 43 bred heifers yesterday for an average of $1412. They brought $300 more than I thought they would. The bad news is that the only reason I sold them is that we are experiencing the absolute worst conditions I have seen in my 59 yrs. There is nothing but a foot or...
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    Seems as if I every so often I'm culling a cow or two that has a disposition problem. What percentage does everyone have that are considered problems? In reading the recent Midwest Cattleman, Red Angus were touted for their good dispositions. What about breed differences. I have been using...
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    Why Midwent cattlemen don't brand.

    1. Most are small producers that also crop, therefore lack time, help, and in some cases, facilities, to give summer shots and/or brand. 2. Most have never branded. I doubt that 1% of MO cattlemen have ever hot branded. 3. Hide damage. 4. Animal rights concerns. We may very well have to...
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    Is the devil in the details?

    Now that NAIS is scrapped and the gov't is saying they will only regulate interstate movement of livestock, will they develop very restrictive rules on interstate movement? I think it is something to watch out for. BTW, you guys pushing branding as a solution, in the midwest we do not brand...
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    Isn't COOL great?

    Massive losses in the feedlot sector, our two best beef importers furious with us and filing suit in the WTO, the calf market in the tank and it is painfully obvious the US consumer doesn't give a tinker's damn about a "COOL" label. Isn't it quite a coincindence that this happened shortly after...
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    For the last few weeks I have to click on my back arrow twice to return to Ranch talk, Bull session, etc., from an individual post. Anyone know why?
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    Cool Revisited

    The notion that the meat, from an animal a few feet across the international border, might taste different is preposterous. Certainly, there are breeding strains in regional areas of North America that deliver enhanced genetics, but those genes know no geographic boundary. Product...
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    Calf weaners?

    Anybody use any of these to wean calves while still on the cow? Link; http://www.valleyvet.com/ct_search_results.html
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    Anybody know why,

    the feeder cattle futures link in the markets section no longer works?
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    Mob grazing Missouri style

    waiting for the next move sure cleaned the fencerow finally,,, dinner tools of the trade cows make good manure spreaders supper is prepared already fancy cornerpost 112 dry cows on about 1/5 of an acre it took all evening but I think I made it. Thanks to all for the help
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    Mob grazing Missouri style

    http://www.ranchers.net/photopost/showphoto.php/photo/1775/cat/500/ppuser/69 waiting for the next move http://www.ranchers.net/photopost/showphoto.php/photo/1768/cat/500/ppuser/69 sure cleaned the fencerow http://www.ranchers.net/photopost/showphoto.php/photo/1769/cat/500/ppuser/69 finally...
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    picture posting

    Took some pic's today and can't find instructions as to how to post. Can somebody help this neophyte?
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    How to post an immage?

    test post
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    somebody check on Sandhusker

    Lock up the guns. Burn the ropes. Sure hope he made it thru the nite. Don't despair Sandy. As a Mizzou fan for 40 yrs I know what you are going thru now.
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    Chuck Hagel

    One of the things I try to do when involved in a group or organization is to determine where the authority lies, whether it be in a President, Chairman or Executive Committee, and either defer to that authority, seek to become a part of that authority in order to affect decision making, or...