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    Hey Soapweed

    Congrats. How's that new grand baby and the Mamasita doing? :D :D :D
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    IMI Global?

    Saddletramp here. Haven't been here for a while. Does any one know any thing a bout IMI Global? Has any one had any dealing with them ? Good or bad all info will be 'preceated. Thanks in adance.
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    Sunday morning church talk

    Kids always fasinate me because of their innocent, black and white look at the world. Attending our little country church yesterday morning.... the preacher always asks if there is anything we need to share or if anyone has something that needs prayed over. We have a neat little guy that comes...
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    This Ol' boy buys himself a ranch and puts the word out that he's hiring. A lean lanky buckaroo type shows up and the Boss asks him "What can ya do?" The young feller says,"Well,I'm a pretty fair horse hand. I can take care our your colts and get 'em started." The Boss says,"Allright, You're...
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    I havn't posted a poem for a while so thought I'd throw one at ya. Kind of a spring time thing and I think most of us can relate. THE FEELING by Marty Blocker @ 2007 There's a feeling you get down deep in your gut when green grass pokes through the snow and that crick that's been dry most...
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    Jinglebob's New Colt

    The phone just rang and Jinglebob told me they just had a new colt drop at their house. Actually it's a grand-baby colt. 19 inches and 6 lbs. 12 oz. Augustin Chance Dennis is what the papers will read but they'll call him Gus for short. Sounds like he's already stood up and sucked and...
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    St. Paddy's Day Joke

    Father Fritzgerald and Father O'Malley went to the lake fishing. When they got there Father Fritzgerald went one way and Father O'Malley went the other. Later they met back together for a little lunch of boiled potatoes and brisket. Father O'Malley asked," Did ya have any luck, Father?" "Aye...
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    Christmas poem for Friday

    A SANDHILLS CHRISTMAS DAY There's a skiff of snow across the corral where I throw the horses hay. Chores were started alittle early 'cause it's a Sandhills Christmas Day. Across the meadow green soapweeds stud the whitened hills. Black cattle trail single file down to turning mills. The...
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    Just jumped in the pickup for a second yesterday and caught something on the radio about the draft. I've got this figured out...... 1) All graduating high school students should be ellgible for two yrs. of service to their country. In return they should recieve two years college tuition and...
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    Still Here

    Saddletramp is alive and well.... been calving and figured Soapweed has kept you all up to date and all stirred up :lol: Yep, took acouple of knocks this season but nothing too serious. It's just like alot of other things in life..... If it doesn't hurt alittle bit the next day, then you're...
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    Jinglebob and I along with the great cowgirl poet and singer, Janet Parkhurst are heading east across the great American ocean of corn stubble to do a show in north east Iowa. 8) The town is New Hampton and it is my old home town from about thirty years ago. I think the statutes of limitations...
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    Question about mandatory ID

    When they instigate Mandatory Animal ID here in the states will there also be producer trace back on beef that is imported from other countries like Brazil, Argentina , Mexico,etc.? If so how will that work? Who will make foreign producers accountable? If not then once again are we forced to...
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    Soundtrack from Brokeback Mountain

    I just have to put this up.....Sorry. Just listened to the new soundtrack from the movie 'Brokeback Mountain'. Didn't like it :x But here are a few of the cuts...... 1 All of My Heros are Faggots 2 Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Rope Suckers 3 There Will Never Be Another Ewe 4...
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    January Cattle Drive

    Soapweeds right. We couldn't have drawn a better day to move those heifers. It was a picture perfect day to be ahorse-back. With feeding and caking and all our saddles seemed to have gotton a thin layer of dust on them. But yesterday was better than a day in town. Even with Boss #2 getting the...
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    Xmas poem #3

    OK, this is the last one for this year ( cause I don't have all that many christmas poems) so I hope you enjoy it and you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Luke 2: 1-20 We were holding a herd, late in the season, outside of Bethlehem town. The stars were bright on a cold clear...
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    Xmas poem #2

    Here's another one for the season........ THE CHRISTMAS CEDAR From the south slope of a draw We drug it in on ol’ Chaw. Just a cedar tree that was more brown than green. We pulled it into the shack Propped it up by the deer rack. Us three cowboys thought it was the best we had seen. We was...
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    Xmas poem#1

    Alright Folks it might be kind of early but I've got some Christmas programs coming up and I need to try these out. I just wrote this and I need to get some feed back. :? :? SLIM JIM'S CHRISTMAS by Saddletramp 2005 'How come I've got to do it?" Asked South Dakota Jim. "I can keep dry in a...
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    Cow Camps

    Over the years I've thrown my bed down in some pretty rememberable cow camps. Some were pretty bad and some were real neat places. It always amazed me how fast a camp will fall apart if it,s not used regularly. One of my favorites was the west camp on the old McMurtury ranch south of Nenzel NE...
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    Poem for Friday

    This is a poem I wrote a while back but never did much with it until this last month at Hot Springs, SD and Valintine, NE. Two questions that were asked were: Did I write it? ans: Yes Is it a true story? ans: Not that I know of but probably happened somewhere's. CROCKET SPURS I remember he...
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    Welcome back Jinglebob

    Now that Jinglebob has made it back to the real world, I thought this would be a good time to post this. If you all remember Jinglebob posted a poem about me sometime back and I believe he might have unveiled it at the Deadwood Gathering. Well, here's my retort........THR BALLAD OF PARIS...