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    Read it and weep

    The men who attacked the United States on 9/11 were Muslims, mostly from Saudi Arabia. So tell me why George w. Bush didn't attack Saudi Arabia? We all know the answer. We've seen Bush holding hands and kissing the Saudis. But keep on with your hateful intolerant comments. You don't represent...
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    It's all a big game

    Go for it; do your research. Richard Clark has a book. Two retired military men wrote a well documented book Cobra II about the invasion and occupation of Iraq. The Iraqi Study Group findings are online. The latest Pentegon report that says Iraq is falling apart is online. Gens Casey and Abizaid...
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    Read it and weep

    Our Constitution gives me the right to DISagree and to speak my mind. I'm doing that. And you know what? Americans all over the country agree with me, not you. 70% say they DISapprove of the way Bush is handling Iraq. 70%! You can't get 70% of us to agree on much of anything. I've never called...
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    Working hard

    Not. Three hours. Bush took three hours out of his vacation to work on Iraq. It's really a priority for him. :roll: Link below; my emphasis. "President Bush worked nearly three hours at his Texas ranch on Thursday to design a new U.S. policy in Iraq, then emerged to say that he and his advisers...
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    It's all a big game

    That's the truth. We'll be paying for this fiasco for generations to come.
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    I hate War as Much as the Liberals

    Not a stretch. How about our War of Independecne? There might well not be a United States of America if the French had not come to our aid against England. Don't they deserve your gratitude for that? Or didn't you study history in your school?
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    Lieberman Conspires to Salvage the Bush Legacy

    :roll: Defend him if you wish, he lost the Democratic primary because the Democrats didn't support him. Bush and the Republicans were big financial supporters in the general election. He's no longer a Democrat; he's an Independent Democrat.
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    I hate War as Much as the Liberals

    The French were smart enough not to be dragged into Bush's Iraq war. Gotta give them credit for that.
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    It's all a big game

    Congressman Jack Murtha has been calling for a redeployment for a couple of years now. The Republicans have ridiculed and insulted this 20+ year Marine as a "coward." But today more and more Republicans are starting to come around to Murtha's position. Iraq is a disaster, a quagmire, and Bush is...
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    It's all a big game

    He had been president for about nine months when 9/11 happened. He was fully briefed by the previous Administration to the threat of Al Quaida. The information on the attack on the USS Cole was there for him to follow up on, he hadn't. He was on vacation much of that time! Can you believe that...
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    It's all a big game

    I have no answer to Iraq. I've said so. And it doesn't matter if I did have an answer. The Iraqi Study Group came up with a plan; Bush ignored it. Generals on the ground in Iraq have said over and over that there needs to be a political settlement between the people in Iraq before peace can...
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    Lieberman Conspires to Salvage the Bush Legacy

    You're right: Joe is trying to salvage Bush's legacy. He was not re-elected by the Democrats in his state. He was re-elected by Republicans and Independents. George W. Bush came out in support of Joe's re-election and ignored the Republican in the race. They knew he wouldn't win, but thought Joe...
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    Read it and weep

    Or you should weep. This is the blog of a young woman in Baghdad. She's been blogging since '03. If you have the guts, read them all and see how the lives of the everyday Iraqi have been destroyed by Bush's unnecessary invasion of Iraq. It does not make me proud. http://riverbendblog.blogspot.com/
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    It's all a big game

    Personal insults. That's good. When someone doesn't have a point to make, they offer personal insults. Makes me happy to see you reduced to that level.
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    Hey, Cal

    If he was hiding something, where is it? It's been several years now and in spite of your hot air, claims and promises, we still don't see any sign of WMDs in Iraq. :shock: Instead of one man killing, butchering, grinding, torturing, raping, now we have huge groups out hunting the other group...
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    Sorry dis (Not really. LOL)

    If Bush had spent just a percentage of the money squandered in Iraq on strengthening our borders and ports, we would much safer today. He didn't invade Iraq to make this country safe. He did it because he wanted Saddam. And he's the Decider. :x
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    Texas Democrats

    And in Texas, voters are starting to look at the Democratic Party in a more favorable light. I would be surprised if the state doesn't trend blue within the next few elections. George W. Bush is killing the Republican Party. :D Entire article; link below; my emphasis. "AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 28...
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    What the soldiers say

    Did you notice while SecDef Gates was in Iraq that all the reports coming from Iraq only quoted soldiers that were for an increase in troops strengths? Did you notice that Gen Abizaid and Gen Casey, who had just a couple of weeks before said they didn't want more troops, have suddenly done an...
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    Was Hillary Anointed as the Chosen One?

    Great source there, Oldtimer. :lol:
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    U.S. ready to send 3,500 troops into Kuwait: source

    No other president has been so callous as to create a war, hundreds of thousands dead just because he wanted it. Bush is an original. The world fought Saddam when he invaded Kuwait. He invaded Kuwait for no reason, except he wanted to. That's exactly the reason George W. Bush invaded Iraq. Jim...