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    What happened to Reader the Second's postings

    The other night when doing some back-tracking on the info I have posted here in the past years, I noticed that in many of the threads (actually most) where there were back and forth comments with "Reader the Second" and myself (or others), that her comments were GONE. Strange, can anyone...
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    Prions and Metals - The research continues!

    My good news is in relation to the science around BSE - go figure!! First, found this study on how the use of "sonciation" allowed for a better analysis of lead in the brain. see: "Epub 2011 Sep 17. Ultrasonic energy as a tool to overcome some drawbacks in the determination of lead in...
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    Research Implicates Metals in TSEs

    Terry, do you actually believe anybody reads your long posts? I don't.
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    Research Implicates Metals in TSEs

    Where do you think the USA Department of Defence/Department of Energy etc. get the bulk of their uranium from... I suspect Canada, ie: Northern Saskatchewan (mining) Port Hope, Ontario (milling). There have been a few accidents on the roads to and from that might also explain some things. In...
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    Research Implicates Metals in TSEs

    A quick note, on the BSE science: In the paper, "Spontaneous generation of mammalian prions" by Charles Weissmann, John Collinge et al. June 29, 2010 Researchers state: "The apparent spontaneous generation of prions from normal brain tissue could result if the metal surface...
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    How FMD Spreads

    I really like your comment Mogal. I'm not sure I agree with all of it, but, my viewpoint isn't really too different from yours. What is an immune response? Do you have to produce "antibodies" to say there is an immune response? Many people will not develop symptoms of an infectious disease...
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    18 Veterans commit suicide daily USA

    I heard about this stat some time ago, and finally found an article on the subject. This is so very sad, did you know about it? for the full article go to the link at the end. Hidden toll of US wars: 18 veterans commit suicide daily By Bill Van Auken 28 April 2010 An average of 18 US...
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    for BSE tester and everyone else

    Take some time to read a new paper by Dr. Adriano Aguzzi entitled, "Repetitive Immunization Enhances the Susceptibility of Mice to Peripherally Administered Prions". (free on-line) Mice were given injections of CpG oligodeoxynucleotides, followed by bovine serum albumin and ALUM injections...
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    Transmission of BSE and Scrapie to Gilthead Sea Bream ?

    Yes, I'm sure the Monsanto(s) of this world want everyone on a vegan diet. The USA government already 'forced' Iraq's new parliment to sign agreements that the crops grown there will be patented GM grains. These grains will have the added nutritional punch of some depleted uranium to nucleate...
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    NEW! BSE Copper and Manganese hmmm... sounds familiar

    So the truth will be told: Back to the beginning, Mark Purdey's findings, and asking the important question, "why is manganese content in the brain upregulated in prion diseases?"
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    Gummer family friend Elizabeth Smith 23 dies of human form o

    I was looking up some old discussions we have had on TSEs and the metal connection, of course, including the depleted uranium (weapons) issue. So, I am back to add some information to the my part of the discussion on how DU nanoparticle contamination of the brain can be/could be a major...
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    USDA Backs Off Mandatory National Animal Identification Reg

    NAIS, ALMA and other such related programs are the brain child and agenda of the OIE, which is the World Organization for Animal Health (Organization International Epizoology), headed by the vet Bernard Vallat. 172 countries belong to this organization. They were set up originally (so it...
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    'Harmless' prion protein linked to Alzheimer's disease ???

    Researchers struggle to determine the function of the normal brain, because they don't want to know. The papers are out there, and the evidence is stacking up, showing the prion protein is an essential anti-oxidant and is a vital metalloprotein. It also plays a vital role in the homeostasis...
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    Don stated: People do not need protection from bse, they need protection from contamination of the air and water with heavy metals; toxic and in many cases radio-active. The prion protein is NOT the agent causing TSEs, it is a by-stander protein, one of many, that is cannabalized by the toxic...
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    PREMISE ID what does this legally mean. Important article.

    It would be nice if you'd specify what part you feel is wrong. As for being a conveyance, if it is just a silly little number to track our cattle, why does the Alberta government want to put it on our land titles. Marshall Ellison of AB Agriculture stated that at first they would be matching...
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    PREMISE ID what does this legally mean. Important article.

    This article should be given to every person that can read. And read to those that can't. While it discusses the United States National Animal Identification System [NAIS]; the information within regarding PREMISE IDENTIFICATION applies here in Canada also. All the legislatures around the...
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    USDA backs-off premises registration

    Thank god you guys know how to fight against these Nazi style bureacrats. Keep fighting!
  18. K

    Fighting NAIS

    There is an article in "Acres USA" magazine, June 2008 issue, which I just saw and found fascinating. The article is called "The Road to Serfdom" by Charles Walters and it includes a transcript of a speech given by John Carter from the Australian Beef Association (ABA). John states that...
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    Contaminated Animal Feed Responsible for Melamine Baby Milk

    I remember the cats and dogs that were fed pet food that contained melamine, they were dying left and right from kidney failure because the melamine was plugging up the kidney mechanisms. The melamine nucleated cyanuric acid and other protiens in the urine. The electron microscope images of...
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    Contaminated Animal Feed Responsible for Melamine Baby Milk

    article quote: Now that's science, yesh! Let's see some actual controlled study of this stuff getting from the digestive tract through the blood and into the milk.... not simplistic explanations that because it was in the cow feed it explains why it is in the milk. Are we going to just...