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    Why does a horse roll?

    My mare has started to roll onto her back more than usual? She also rolls her lips and shows her teeth, not to unusual. Is it that its warm weather, scratching or other? I had a friend see her roll and gasped?!?! She said she did not want ti jinx me by saying what she thought????? She has...
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    R-Calf Sucks!!!!

    Hi just feed the family dinner and turned on the local news. :( I have to say that with 4 kids, a small business and the ranch I have no time for TV Anyhow I see and hear that you FREAKIN R- Calf peoples are still at it! Colorado, both Dakotas, Mexico and what and whoever else are still...
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    Pasture Breeding

    I have a 2 yr old Registered Morgan Stallion that has been with a neighbors 4 mares for almost 2 months now. The pasture is 1/4 section. The neighbor is worried they are not bred because he has not witnessed any "action". We have a trade agreement : hay for pasture breeding. I let him keep...
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    Big Bad Wolf

    A picture I took on a walk, just west of our place about 4 miles. Its hard to see but it measures over 5 inches in length. Probably the bugger who's been taking down the neighbors calves....... :?
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    The Family

    Hello everyone! How was your summer? Here is a picture of my crew, little cowpokes of the next generation :wink:
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    Stud Fee????

    Calling all horse people..... I have a registered Morgan Stallion. Friends want to use him on 3, possibly 4 mares. Infact, after meeting him they want to but him! They have been kind to us in the past with straw baling - given us a deal so to speak. But husband says we're square. What...
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    Making a good Cattle horse

    Can any or you horse people please give me advice on what makes a good cattle horse? What breeds are best, what sex, what age and anything you can offer. I have a few horses and would like to attempt - I say this with optimism - to break and train them to be cattle horses. Yes, I know I can...
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    Orhaned calf

    Can any one please offer info on caring for an orhaned calf. She was about 1 -2 days old when we found her. Her mother was down(hip lock?) and I was never sure if the calf got any colostrom. She is a fair sized calf(92lbs) and I have been feeding her 2 bottles plus of a calf mix formula. She...