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    good start this a.m.

    Was mixing up cookies and dumped 1/2 sack of sugar all over the countertop and floor! Oh well, the floor needed swept anyway. So got the cookies made and process of baking them now. Custom sileage cutter in today sileaging the corn and need to take lunch to them as well as husband and son that...
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    TOO HOT(outside)

    In the house this p.m. catching up - must be 110 and so windy out. Know that everyone is getting use to this weather. Calling for some rain Wed. - Fri. hope they are finally right. Oh well, know lots of you have it way worse :!:
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    wheel corrals?

    What brands of wheel corrals are out there other than Wilson and Rawhide(Abilene KS)? There are 2 different sizes on the Rawhide-largest is to hold 300 hd. feeder steer size and can be shaped lots of different ways. I was thinking that there was probably some others out there also-thanks
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    Wheat harvest

    When will wheat harvest begin in your area? Know it is over for some and others not fortuate to have one due to weather conditions. Here in central KS should be in full swing 7 days from today. Been trying to get cattle checked and fences while husband and boys getting combines ect. ready.Also...
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    we are about finished putting up the 1st cutting-really unusal that hardly enough dew to get it tough enough to bale that alfalfa. Been baling between 3 am and 10 am the past couple of morning and same tomorrow-than should be down to 100 acres to bale. About 2/3 as much as normal,but good...
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    tried cow-won't claim calf

    Had a 8yr. old cow calf yesterday at daylite and never had a problem before or she would NOT be here today. Had the calf ,licked it a little,acted protective if we were around,but would run it in the ground and toss the calf in the air. So got her in and if the calf tries to nurse does the head...
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    Good Morning!

    See a few of you are up and going this morning. Are you checking heifers calving? That is what I have been up to the past 5 wks,but there are only a few left to calf and the cows are in full swing now. So far it has gone pretty smooth with the heifers,the weather has been a big plus-too mild,but...
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    Nicky-checking cows?

    :D Saw you were on Ranchers-I just got in from checking 1st calf heifers.Over half done with them and getting along fairly well. THe weather has been too nice,but I will take it. Have a good day!
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    What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

    We will stay close to the place and I will fix a evening dinner and neighbors are coming over. Lots of blessings again to be thankful for! Not to my likings,but the boys and husband want a turkey and a ham(say we never eat anything besides beef so want a change for a couple of days) okay,I...
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    Twin calves

    We are at the end of fall calving and out of the last 6 cows to calf - 2 sets of twins. Each set consisted of a bull and a heifer-in each case the cow only wanted the bull calf so I am currently feeding the 2 heifers. Don't mind as will probably need them down the road for a graft. Guess the...
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    calf sale Valentine

    Saw Soapweeds and MRs. Soapweeds calves sell! WOW!! Did those calves look great and the price reflected that. They certainly deserved a great sale. Happened to be a house day for me as it rained last night and had house catching up to do so was viewing a couple cattle auctions today. :D
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    Days Plan(???)

    This is what the plan for the day was last night--Send me to work ground ahead of grain drill so leave home at 6:30 am-send drill directly behind.Now I need a little time to get ahead of drill so hopefully drill tractor needs fuel. Then comes seed wheat truck and pickup(you know for break...
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    Cow leasing

    Know that cow leasing is done on dollar share and / or calf crop share. Please give other details Thanks
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    cow leasing

    I know that cow leasing is done,but not familiar with it-What is the going rate dollar wise and calf crop wise? What are the other details?Thanks
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    Bse Possible case USA???

    Late last eve a POSSIBLE positive case of mad cow. Anyone heard any other news on this subject? Sounded as if the animal was old and a weak positive and did not get in food chain. Alway something!
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    salt & mineral feeders

    What is the best covered salt feeder out there.? Am using lots of the bullmaster feeders,but the new ones are not very durable. I am a firm believer in a good mineral program. Thanks!
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    Easter Poem

    Last year someone had an religious poem posted during Easter on this site. I copied it and now cannot find it and wanted it for Sunday Dinner. Thanks.