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    Bird Deaths and Fish Kills

    Having experienced some of these anomalies here in Illinois I wonder if the dept. of the interior tested the dead birds for prion changes. It is highly unlikley they died from blunt force trauma as they claimed. If they were killed by radio waves I would think they could test for that with a...
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    Cow Deaths

    Has anyone heard about the mysterious deaths of 200 cows in Stocton Ca.? It must have happened about a week or two ago?
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    Are There Any Fine Minds Left Outthere?

    Two weeks ago one of the editors for DTN, Marcia Langly, made the guote"No one should trade the options market without reading Micheal Lewis book, titled "The Big Short."" Well I did. It blew my mind as to how a handful of inside traders could manufacture an options market on mortgage credit...
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    I Wonder Why it is So Expensive.I

    I visited a MuskOx research farm in Alaska. They basiicaly said the same thing. However, they had domesticated them and it looked like it should be doable. I got the impression that the University of Alaska probably was way behind the lower 48 on genetic research. They told me it was because the...
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    Genetic Question

    Does anybody out there know if a cow can carry an embryo from a none related species? In particular I wondered if a cow could carry a Muskox embryo to term. I have been carrying this idea around as a solution to more rapidly propagate endangered species. If any knows where there is experimental...
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    Question About Taxes

    My tax man won't let me deduct the cost of care and purchase of dogs and horses even though I use them in my cattle operation. I was wondering if any of you we're treated differently? It only seems fair to me that if I can't deduct the cost of feed and upkeep that I shouldn't have to report...
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    Question About Govt Bailouts

    I was wondering how my friends out there feel about our US Govt bailing out corporations that take their production to other countries, cost us jobs, and compete with companies that stay in the US. Actually management of many of these companies maroud and strip until they drive them into the...
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    Canadian BSE Blood Test

    Front page health news on Yahoo says Canada has developed a low cost blood test that can efficiently diagnos BSE. Hopefully now we can test just like we do for TB at the slaughter plant and all the fear and hype will be a thing of the past. Was wondering if anyone else saw this or if I have some...
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    Relax Boys

    John McCain and Sara Palin are going to get rid of all those bought off cronies in our govt agancies. If that's posible I wish them godspeed.
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    Questions about aborting feedlot heifers

    Does anybody know how much lutalase it takes to abort a 700lb. heifer? Also would like to know if lutalase and prostin are the same thing. My vet gave me 4ccs of prostin about a month ago and it did not do the job. Thanks Buck
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    Most important Question

    How are you all going to cope with such high grain prices? Can we deal with $7.00 or higher corn prices?
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    Another Point for Aquisition by JBS

    I emailed USDA to find out about meat grading and inspection. According to my reply USDA has washed its hands of both by subcontracting those duties to AMS. Packing plants are responsible for paying for those duties. So where does that leave us if more meat is packed outside the country? What...
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    Just as Important as the Health Concern

    Is the issue of packer ownership of feedlots and market ready cattle. With them moving out of the country they have complete control of the cattle business and the market channels in the US and there is nothing we or congress can do about it. Foreign imports will have priority access to market...
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    Mafia Control of US Food Injdustry

    On Feb. 27th the Italian Parliment issued a news report entitled"Sicily Mafia' Restoring US Links". This was reported on BBC News all over the world. In this report they stated that the " Sicilian Mafia" controled the US Food Industry and the US Construction Industry. You can read the article at...
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    Question About BSE

    I thought USDA passed upgraded feed rules keeping rendered meal out of all animal feed. Now you say they alow it in pig feed?
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    Dry Fertilizer

    Does anyone out there know where our dry fertlizer comes from? I thought I remember reading an article one time that said most of it comes from Canada. I checked our local plant and found a lot of cheat grass growing around the storage bin. I wonder if it came from the fertilizer. Actually it...
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    You All Don't Realize

    Our government doesn't work. That's why all of them are resigning. You are waisting your time arguing about govt. policy. So all the arguments here are superfulous. Our opinion doesn't matter. So why the hell do we keep paying our taxes? To support gay or perverted govt. officials?
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    Question About Cool

    Has anybody here explained why packing conglomerates can't keep track or trace imported beef? Why is it so hard for them to identify beef they ship across the border? In my estimation only live cattle shipped across need to be identified. This could be very easily acomplished with a registered...
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    Question for you Cowboys

    Can you buy Lydacain{local anesthetic} over the counter?
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    Question for All About AMI

    When the NAFTA Super Highway Opens why won't the "Big" packers send live cattle south into Mexico to get them processed. This way they can avoid all the US regulations and red tape. They can comingle beef from everywhere and then send it back to us. Kicker is US cattlemen will actualy pay the...