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    Tough Cowboy

    Shane Drury passed away early this morning. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I have known Shane, Chad, and Jesse at one time or another. Their family has been through a lot and it has made some fine men out of them.
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    glenn ford is dead

    Glenn Ford died last night. The news said he was 90. He truly is one of the last silver screen cowboys. I think my favorite Ford movie is "The Rounders". They sure have some good bronc riding action in that film. RIP Glenn.
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    A new generation

    Wow. Did anyone see Jeff Willert ride his last two broncs? They both looked like they were going to dashboard him, but he held on. This guy has got that "Etbauer" spark.
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    Greetings from Snowy Kansas City

    A bunch of teachers from Omaha traveled to KC last night for the annual Association for Career and Technical Education. I would estimate the crowd to be about 10,000 or so. Every one from Family and Consumer Sciences to Ag. Education is here. Sure a lot of interesting booths and displays...
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    How true it is

    I got this in an email. Obviously there are comparative differences between the hurricanes and the recent blizzard (but major disasters none the less), but the human reactions and expectations are vastly different. South Dakota News Bulletin This text is from a county emergency manager...
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    Alternative Fuels

    One of my engineering classes were doing research on alternative fuels when one of them came across "French Fry Diesel". I had them investigate further and they found loads of information on how to make it, efficiency, http://www.journeytoforever.org/biofuel_library/EthylWVO.pdf emmisions and...
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    Regier Saddles

    Has anyone ever owned or ridden a Regier saddle? The are made in Gordon, NE. I just bought one and I am fishing for opinions.
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    TXTibbs Since you are a "Texican" and a fellow former Jackrabbit maybe you could help me out with this. What do you know about Casey Cooper saddles? Are they any good? They are made in Colorado City, TX. That's all I know.
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    Historic Deadwood Horse Sale

    If anyone is looking for a good performance or ranch horse, the Historic Deadwood Horse Sale is happening on June 8th and 9th. Last year was the first one and it was a great sale. Look in the Western Horseman for the ad and more contact information.
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    Old Time Movie

    I watched an old time favorite last night, "Smoky", with Fess Parker. I had not seen it since I was about 8 years old.
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    The Good Life

    Got a chance to visit the in-laws for a few days. I took the night check on their first calf heifers. I had forgotten how much I love it. Maybe if I had to be there longer I would remember how hard it was! The heifers were AI'd to a New Design bull. They looked like jack rabbits (havn't...
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    Good Luck to the Longhorns

    This is a little off topic, but good luck to the Faith Longhorns in the Regional Basketball game. I played a lot of ball against those guys and made a lot of good friends.
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    npra finals

    Has anyone heard results from last nights round of the NPRA Finals in Bismarck? I have searched the local papers and news with no luck.