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    ''Slick'' Montana steer's

    I saw some of them sell on RFD and was shocked as I thought Montana was a brand state. These steers were 725lbs. and were not branded :shock: Would these cattle have to be branded before they were loaded? They were from Hawmut Montana I think that is the spelling but I have no idea where it is...
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    Van Dyke invite

    Who in the world asked the guy to come hear and post his story thinking he would have a cakewalk? :shock: If he came on his own did he not take the time to read even one days worth of posts? In my view it is kind of like setting down in a tavern and being offended because people were drinking...
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    moderator of new board

    Who will be the moderator of the new cattle for pets board? At the rate things are going a few on this board will convince us that cattle are so deadly they are not fit for food :shock: 97 tests that can find deadly threats to the human race are our only hope and they must be used before a calf...
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    Grassley Baucus expect "positive" announcement fro

    Would it be the same for Canada to not threaten,just strongly sugest, that if the border did not open, that oil would stop flowing south :mad: Why in the hell does our gov. think it is perfectly ok to try and bully anyone in the world??? If there consumers think it is a health issue it is a...