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    Any thought on a John Deere 5100E?

    John Deere is prolly not going to use this testimonial. CP
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    Gas Powered T-Post Driver

    We made a post driver out of 2" pipe. Put a round plate about 6" across on one end and a similar round donut on the other. These work real good if you have someone hold the post up straight to get it started. The lenght of the pipe determines the height of the posts. I put in a few miles of...
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    It was so sad to see Notre Dame Cathedral burn. We visited it several times. There are magnificent churches in Cologne, Germany, Reims and Chartres, France. There is a picture to the Cologne cathedral in the photo forum. While it might have been seen as excessive to have spent so much...
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    Soapweed-type story

    Back about 25 years ago, I was partnering with my brother Jack in a small cattle operation. I helped him with the haying and feeding and I was allowed to keep about 20 cows on his ranch in Colorado. We had bought some 90 first calf heifers from the sale barn in Limon, Colorado...
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    Vote- Churches

    Picture No. 1 is the cathedral in Cologne, Germany. Been there, itis magnificent. Cologne was firebombed something fierce in WWII. Some of the leaded glass windows had not been frestored lioke the originals, but is amazing the church escaped the worst of it. CP
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    Critical information?

    I think this is going to turn out about the same as the panic a few years ago when the Obama administration was buying up all the ammunition available. There are a lot of these people who make money stirring up things. I think these thing turn up every few years. I will be able to sleep...
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    Trump ShutDown

    Seems like all the "shutdowns" I can remember, they passed legislation to pay everyone the same as if they had worked. More like a paid vacation than a layoff. CP
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    This is not a feel good post

    FH This is a website regarding ALS and statins:https //www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/high-blood-cholesterol/expert-answers/statins/faq-20058141 I have atrial fibrilation and they put me on Simvastatin maybe 10-12 years ago. A coiuple of years later, they changed it to Atorvastatin...
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    This is not a feel good post

    There are a lot of comments on this forum that are hoping that Trump will drain the swamp. This is NOT going to happen - EVER!! I owned and operated a sizable cattle ranch in Eastern Colorado for some time. I left a decent job with a large oil company at the age of 49. I bought this ranch...
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    Fire Truck Fiasco, by Steve Moreland, May 28, 2018

    Soapweed, You are so right in making sure you have the title situation straight!! There is an old investor's saying: He who sells what isn't his'n must buy it back or go to prison!! My own story is kinda sad, but it worked out eventually. My son who was working across the country was...
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    We are retired now, but we tried planting falcata (yellow alfalfa) along with grass in some CRP ground. We mixed the seed in the drill and planted a few hundred acres. We got some alfalfa - little - and it had blue flowers. WE called the seed company and they sent us replacement seed which we...
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    Drought actions & advice?

    We went through a drought in 2002. No moisture the whole winter. The winter wheat never greened up. We were still feeding the cows in June and July. We bought feed, though it was getting scarce and costly. Some of the neighbors sold their entire herds and never bought a bale of hay or...
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    Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Motrin..... NSAIDs

    DMSO ? last guy I knew that used DMSO died from pancreatic cancer after using it for a couple of months. Is it recommed for human usage? CP
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    Griz sow and cub

    I understand the ferocity of grizzlies is overstated. If you approach them they will come right up to you!! CP
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    Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obama care

    Anyone who thinks that Obama Care is finished should hedge their bets. Social Security was passed in 1937 and has grown past all expectations ever since. You could repeal sunshine easier than cutting Social Security. Medicare came about in the early 1960s and has grown by leaps and bounds...
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    Fence seems like overkill. We had a ranch with 80 miles of fence . Mostly new. I would take a trip around and see what the neighbors had and how it worked. CP
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    February 1-10, 2017

    In all my years, I have never heard of alfalfa hay causing bloat. We fed 1st and 2nd cutting alfalfa in snow, without snow for years. We kept 3rd cutting alfaalfa for our dairy cows - and never had any problems. In more years than I care tp remember, we had one case of bloat and that was a...
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    Obama's Legacy Obama Care

    Sorry to rub salt in a wound, but I have received updated information from the SSA. I had stated that our medicare deduction was $7,250.40 for 2017. SSA now says this is actually $7,850.40. We must be making a lot of money. If you need to get your blood pressure up, just call the SSA - it...
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    Obama's Legacy Obama Care

    Got our new social security letter today. For the two of us, the amount withheld from our social security is $604.20 per month or $7,250.40 annually. In 2008, the year Obama took office, the same figures were $244.40 per month or 2932.80. That is an increase of 147%. Not very...
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    Thank you to veterans

    I am a veteran - I served three years at the end of the Korean Conflict period and before the Vietnam war. In those days, all males who were healthy were subject to the draft and most actually served. I spent just over two years on the East German Frontier and eventually returned to civilian...