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    Mid August 2014

    Congrats to all. 8/14 is a good day-my grandson turned 2 that day.
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    Burr Under the Saddle Blanket

    Roughly 20% of the federal budget is charged to the credit cards of our children, grandchildren, and yet unborn descendants as we continue to run deficits. We allow over a million babies to be slaughtered a year in this country and we steal from the ones we allow to live. Is it any wonder we...
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    Late March 2014

    Soapweed, how do you like your metal roof, and how does its cost compare to shingles?
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    New computer

    My new IT guy land gal (experts? I hope) recommended for my new desktop to get Windows 8, telling me there is a program that makes it work similar to 7. Said his 85 yr old mother uses and likes it. The older I get the less I like change so am nervous. Will know a lot more next wk.
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    John Deere 6400

    I have a '93 6400 with over 9000 hrs and have never had trouble starting it if it had a good battery. Only plug in the blk heater when it gets below 15-20 if it is inside. I wonder if it has a compression problem-something is definitely wrong with the motor or fuel supply.
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    Denny and others

    Had a Makita cut off once. Cut a lot of small stuff and didn't realize it had a problem, then went to cut a 4 inch pvc pipe and it didn't cut right. Put a square on it and it was off, grrr. I'll never have another Makita product.
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    Back home on the ranch September 27, 2013

    Best wishes, thoughts, and prayers your way Soapweed, as you recover and deal with your illness. I've always enjoyed following you here as we are about the same age and I have a 13 month old grandson I adore. Your experience sure makes one stop and be very thankful for good health and all...
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    The Obama clown gets back in the saddle

    from what I have heard he has invites from TX to N. Dakota
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    The Obama clown gets back in the saddle

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    Invention wanted

    I would like an economical weed eater that attaches to a 4-wheeler to trim under fences. Does anybody make such a thing?
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    July 26, 2013

    I use to get aggravated at my Grandpa and Dad when they said, "Well, I will never have to do that again." I try not to say it, but I sure think it every time I put a post in the ground or hang a heavy gate.
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    Bull fertility testing

    Sure agree, Justin. Bulls are a necessary evil, IMHO. I have 2 breeding seasons, but in the seven months they spend away from cows they are a pain in the you know what. Even with cows I have had them stand in a gate and refuse to let cows thru when I am trying to move them.
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    Drought question (again)

    Boo coo moisture in MO but little grass growth-been too cold and a few ill timed frosts has stunted growth. If we go directly to summer, forage growth will be terrible for the second straight yr. Very little carryover hay and pastures and hay fields going to crops leaves less for cows...
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    Morris Magnum CP725

    Couple yrs ago we had a field cult. that wouldn't lift. Discovered a bent brace from tongue back to one side that was putting lift cyl in a bind. Straightened brace and fixed problem.
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    Science projects 2013

    Very impressive, H. You should be very proud
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    Net wrap

    cover edge makes a nicer looking bale but is more costly and somewhat harder to remove, When I started using net, I used cover edge for the first few yrs. but now have gone to edge to edge.
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    Schedule F

    but I say go for doing it yourself, if you have been. I have always done my own as I have always liked math and the challenge. As for your ? cattle feeding profits and expenses goes on Sch. F. There is a line for gross sales from raised livestock and another for purchased livestock minus...
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    Supreme court

    That is just a ridiculous statement. No one is forced to use Monsanto products and if anyone wants to use them they should abide by their rules. If we want new technology in Ag. we must be willing to reimburse those who do the research and development. IMHO, "The Little Red Hen" shoould be...
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    Good Sunday Mornin'

    Ranchers' is my homepage and when i see Good Sunday Mornin' it is my first 'click' on Sunday when I awake. Thanks Shortgrass for your witness.
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    freezer beef ?'s

    we milked both Holsteins and Jersey's. We fattened the dairy strs. along with our beef calves, and we usually butchered a Jersey steer for home use. City kin would come to visit and would rave over the great beef Mom would fix. They said "you sure can't buy beef like that in the store."...