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    Heartbreak City

    My son's working security at the Grey Cup ....I think his job just got WAY harder...
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    Heartbreak City

    :evil: :( MAN Sask.....you guys were robbed!!!!! Sorry to see it end that way......
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    Reverse Stalker Question?

    Shut up Sage...apparently You & Katrina agree its ok to harrass women on this site and your friend Faster knew about it...Whatever...proves the point depends WHO you are because it was OK for Hypo to out alice and reader but not ok to do it to Faster....BOOOO HOOOO I'm standing up for...
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    Reverse Stalker Question?

    Karen....You KNOW OT's NOT LYING...YOU KNOW who this guy is YOU encouraged it with one poster so get off your high horse and start telling the truth.... Macon was givin the pm's and info...not mine yet but its going in today....Macon will see one I got,the rest I deleted.... Following OT to...
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    Mrs Greg

    Thank-you Corey...you too OT.... I know what I know Aplus,I know what I do,we get daily info on whats going on in our countrys healthcare but I'm not givin the chance to tell you before Tam & her merry band of attackers start.. I know what I believe,Corey's met me and my husband and that's way...
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    I am gone

    I am NOT explaining it to you..... :P One a day is enuff....
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    I am gone

    Now Now...I'm not the one who called you batshit crazy....or said your a crazy cat woman....nope I'm no Dr. but I've worked with enuff mental health patients to know you fit the bill. reader did NOT know about the gerbil urban legend :wink: Until I explained it to her...now smarten up and act...
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    I am gone

    Sage ...I've told you for about three yrs now you need mental health...I'm not being mean.I'm stating a fact.....
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    I am gone

    I will talk slowly so you get it...kinda like faster,givin Reader heck for something SHE didn't understand either....I EXPLAINED to READER about the gerbils and the sickos that think comin into an emerg room to get said animal released is a fun thrill. SHE didn't UNDERSTAND Badax's...
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    I am gone

    OMGGGG,I can kick my ass for this BUT I had to explain to Reader about the gerbils....she had NO clue what badax meant.... Faster,I cannot believe your acting like this...spending WAY WAY too much time with Sage is my thought,your getting as hysterical..... AND obviously.....Tam DIDN"T take...
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    Moisture?? What's That?

    Darcy....we were actually camped out at Fish Lake,I can't believe you didn't get the storm.It hit us hard!!! We plunked the kids screaming their heads off,terrified, into the trailers as we ran to save food, awnings, chairs,cowboys hats....it was mostly wind,but WHAT a wind!!! Lots of friends...
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    What size of generator?

    We're in the process of getting solar panels installed on our fifth wheel.I'd go that way but to each there own Personally NEVER ever would we get a generator.....camping neighbors HATE you....
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    Good Old Gopher Flippin'

    We literally have the gopher from Caddyshack livin in our Yard...hes been eluding greg but tells me right off when I'm cutting grass...Ty needs to visit...LOL
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    Mom and Dads 50th with a couple pics.

    Its a lot of work putting on a meal like that,I used to volunteer with our towns catering group. You guys pulled it off,and look how happy your parents are :) I really like your moms outfit,pretty!! Congrates to that young couple on 50 yrs bliss...
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    Some pics (plants and cows)

    I got enough Saskatoons off my trees at home for a couple pies...before the birds snagged all the berries,and my chokecherry trees are full,so should have a lot for jelly and syrup...yummm. Nice pics,thx for sharing them.... :)
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    Farmington Trip

    Won't make Strathmore tomorrow :( But we'll be waiting for the report on Ty's rides....Good luck to him.....
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    Trip continued...Terrace and Kitimat. Lots of pics

    Great pics Kim...Thx a million for posting them. Had I known you were going to Kittimat I would have givin you a number to friends of ours,hes a RCMP officer there and the nicest couple you could ever meet. I'm so happy you had such a great trip!!!! :)
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    Road Trip

    Battle River and I have a feeling you were just a half mile from my place if you took Hwy 53.... You also were just four miles from Pure Countrys....we should BOTH kick yur butt for not callin and stoppin for coffee.By the looks of it your destination must have been Wainwright.